Winter league Match. Canal at Boat and Anchor 22/02/2020

Once all participating anglers where in the car park next to the Boat and Anchor and all the gossip and nattering was out the way. The time came to collect the peg fees, this call to action brought forth the wad of Dodd. Enough to pay of the national debt. Note from the photo he is struggling with the weight. Now in contrast my wallet has all the characteristics of a helium filled balloon.

The wad of Dodd

The pegging was such that pegs only 5 to 11 were used. Peg 5 was next to the bottle neck just before wide waters and 6 to 11 was going back towards the Boat and Anchor. It was decided not to fish in the Wide Water section itself owing to the fact that a very strong wind would be blowing in your face and making it the equivalent to fishing of of the rocks on Cape Horn in a force 10 gale.

On the way to our pegs we caught sight of this young fellow who was spinning in the reen next to the canal. This persistent gentleman fished all day up and down the length of this little water course. On the way back we found out he had caught two jack pike. I take my hat to you sir for your enduring endeavour.

Paul Smith before the start of the match mixing his magic winning formula. “Double double toil and trouble eye of newt, toe of frog, wing of bat and tongue of dog eh eh eh eh”

Apparently before the start of the match Rob had a phone call from his stock broker who convinced him that he should buy shares in Betamax, Woolworths, and Maxwell Communications. Oh dear!

It hard to sum up this match except by using a bit of Charles Dickens. Yes you read that right Charles Dickens. A tale of Two cities in fact. The first paragraph.

It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom,
it was the age of foolishness,
it was the epoch of belief,
it was the epoch of incredulity,
it was the season of Light,
it was the season of Darkness,
it was the spring of hope,
it was the winter of despair

we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.

First on the day with a phenomenal performance was and I mean that most sincerely folks (who remembers Hughie Green) was the one and only Paul Smith. When the going gets tough he certainly gets going. Paul weighed in a grand total of 16lb 10 oz This great catch consisted of 6 Tench. Paul fished 3 lines, short, middle and far side. But to cut a long story short. The only bites he had came at the far side on worm.

2nd placed Dave Nash just had 3 fish a nice tench a bream and a small roach. The bream was caught in the first hour about a third of away across on the pole. The tench and small roach where caught on the tip. The bait was maggot and pinkie. Total weight for Dave was 5lb 14oz

3rd was a certain Rob Dodd who only had and I say only had in the context of things 2 tench which he caught on the far side with pinkie and maggot. Bites for Mr Dodd were at a premium. He put on the scales 4lb 10oz.

4th ah yes 4th place was me with a astounding 2oz yes 2oz , but who cares at least I weighed in. I had 2 small roach, first was caught with an hour to go and the other 15 minutes later. Enough said.

Phil Dodd did not weigh in but said had 4 small roach and a small bream all on the tip Mate you should have waited for the scales.

Alan Bland braved it to the end but did not have a bite.

Eric Searle got the Abington Town trophy for packing up at 1 o clock and going home to watch the racing.

The water in my peg. The colour #8d867f

Now who remembers science at school and in particular litmus paper. Yes get some litmus paper dunk it in to some liquid and according to what colour it turned you could tell if it was acid, neutral or alkaline. Now to jog your memories red was acid, blue was neutral and green was alkaline. There don’t tell me that I don’t teach you angling brethren anything. But what that to do with our beloved sport of fishing I hear you all wail. Well I am going to give you the digital equivalent and relate it to fishing the canal. Fish the canal and you hear the colour is wrong, or the colour is right for bread or the colour is is right for worm and caster etc etc. Now I going to give you lot a code. This code is #8d867f ( I got you all on the edge of you seat with this one) Well this is what is known as a web colour code. A web page or a photo displayed on a computer consists of pixels each pixel has a web colour code. Now pure white is #FFFFFF and pure black #000000. Now there are 16,777,216 different web colours with each having it’s own unique code. Basically I took this photo of my peg on the canal and found the average colour code of the water in my peg to be this #8d867f so what I am saying is this is if the colour of the water in the canal is #8d867f don’t bother.

Position Name Weight Peg
1st Paul Smith 16lb 10oz 7
2nd Dave Nash 5lb 14oz 5
3rd Rob Dodd 4lb 10oz 9
4th Pete Curnow 2 oz 6

Phil Dodd DNW 11

Alan Bland DNW 8

Eric Searle DNW 10

It was nice once again to see our dear old friend Alan Jenkins, as you all know poor old Alan suffers from poor health and to top it all he has now developed a eye condition. But Alan being Alan still keeps his spirits up. Good old Alan.

Here we can see the wise old sage giving the eventual winner Paul Smith some professional advice such as keep you hat straight and trim your beard.

The next match is on March the 7th at the Sedges Tile Lake.

Tight lines to one and all.

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