Watchet Angling Winter League match no 7 08-02-2020

When the draw is at 9 am and you decide to raise from your nice warm bed at 7: 30 you can see that an atmosphere of lets get it over and done with has crept in to one’s thinking. Now when I travel to Summerhayes I go by the way of Marsh lane then under the arch of the railway bridge then up the track which runs parallel to the river Parrett. Well as I went up this track as far as the entrance to the fishery and turned right so as the scene of the fine view of Summerhayes emerged, something odd struck me. Um I thought something strange something amiss something very odd indeed. As I drove up to the car park I was completely surrounded by total absence, an absence of parked cars and people Total desolation greeted me. Now thoughts started to enter my head I’ve got the wrong venue or the wrong Saturday. Now if some one had taken a photo of me as I got out of my car to investigate and turned it in to a cartoon image. There would be a think bubble protruding from my head, and in that bubble would be an image. An image of my nice warm bed. Well my excuse for going back to bed was short lived because within 2 minutes Alan Bland arrived then followed by a few others. Well all in all it was a good turn out 11 anglers in total.

Pete loves his dump truck.

Now before the start of match on Sellicks the thankless task of deciding which pegs to put in and obviously which ones to leave out was in progress. It was then agreed that Alan Jenkins who poor chap suffers badly from his knees should have a peg with a short walk so pegs 1 and 23 where put in. Well as soon as it was agreed that 23 should be used. Enter Pete the owner in to the hut where the draw was being sorted. “I pity any one who has 23” “why” came the reply. Pete then duly explained that he with dump truck and chain saw will be making a bit of a racket in the immediate vicinity. He babbled on about chopping up a tree for logs or something. Well 23 then was pulled. Thanks for the warning. But Mr Jenkins did achieve a short walk by having peg 6.

Now how do I describe this match not just the results and who caught what but in the atmosphere the essence of this contest. What was the feeling like to participate in this winter league tie.

Well folks I want you to imagine a scene from a typical western where the stereotype stranger rides in to town. He is on horse back riding down the main street. As he passes the towns hotel there is always a few cowboys sat out side on the hotel veranda on rocking chairs feet up on the rail. These guys always have the appearance of waiting for something to happen. So the 8th of February 2020 you had 11 angler from Watchet Angling club sat around Sellicks lake with the exact same persona of cowboys described above. Changing baits, trying different depths and altering distances fished did not make much different. It was fish 7 to 10 meters out with maggot or pinkie on the bottom and wait for something to happen.

Just waiting for some thing to happen.

Well the results form this wild west type match if you prefer to call it that. Is as follows

Once again Paul Smith is in the money once again.

Top bagger was Paul Smith with a mix bag of silvers for 6lb 6oz Paul used maggot and pinkie and generally fished 9 and 10 meters out.

A smile from 2nd place Dave Gartenfeld.

2nd top weight was mister in form Dave Gartenfeld. Dave Struggled in the first half of the match but caught on and of through out the 2nd part. Dave had a few nice size skimmers the bait was maggot. His weight was 5lb 4oz

This was Alan Bland’s mixed bag.

Just pipped by 1 oz to get 3rd was match secretary Alan Bland with 5lb 3oz. He had in his own words 1 x crucian carp which was between ¾lb to a pound, 1 x small tench 4 x roach and 2 x skimmers.

4th was Eric Searle he put 4lb 5oz on the scales. Eric had a nice size crucian which topped nearly 2lb which he caught in the last half hour. He caught 4 fish in the first hour and then then nothing until the last ½ hour.

5th was slivers expert Dave Nash with a small mix bag for 3lb 10oz.

6th was Rob Dodd (this must be his worst result of the season) with 3lb 7oz Rob fished mostly 7 meters out on maggot. He did have a bonus fish a crucian of 1/2lb.

7th was yours truly (elated that I am not last. Yippee) I weighed in a massive 2lb 4oz. I had 2 nice skimmers and a few roach. I just got the fish feeding at 4 meters which is were I got my biggest skimmer and then the whistle went. Typical. Like all the anglers, come the last part of the match it was more or less impossible to fish the pole at any distance owing to the strong wind.

8th placed was angling veteran who is 82 years young Tony Richards, Tony amassed a weight of 1lb 12oz of small roach.

9th position was Dave Colley, Dave caught 1lb 4oz of bits, but he probably had his mind on starting his new job and moving house.

Mr Phil Dodd and Mr Alan Jenkins did not weigh in. One has to feel sorry for poor old Alan because he was in a lot of pain owing to the fact that he is waiting for a knee replacement and the poor fellow could hardly walk. All the best Al. Now rumour has it that Phil had a decent size carp which would of put in frame, but alas they didn’t count in this match.

Position Name weight Peg no
1st Paul Smith 6lb 6oz 17
2nd Dave Gartenfeld 5lb 4oz 19
3rd Alan Bland 5lb 3oz 15
4th Eric Searle 4lb 5oz 9
5th Dave Nash 3lb 10oz 11
6th Rob Dodd 3lb 7oz 5
7th Pete Curnow 2lb 4oz 21
8th Tony Richards 1lb 12oz 14
9th Dave Colley 1lb 4oz 13

Phil Dodd DNW 3

Alan Jenkins DNW 6

The next match will be at wide waters on the B and T Canal on the 22nd of Feb.

Until then have fun.

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