Trinity Waters 18/07/2020

One day in the month of July in the year 1518 one Frau Troffea had the sudden impulse just to start dancing in the streets of Strasbuorg France. Bystanders who witness this played along by clapping, laughing and cheering, but it soon became clear that something was not quite right, this wasn’t simply a case of high spirits oh no. For Frau Troffea continued to dance, and dance and dance for six days without rest. Within a week another 34 people had joined her and by the end of the month another 400. At it’s peak of so called dancing mania 15 people a day were dying from heart attacks strokes and sheer exhaustion.

The authorities had the theory that more dancing was the answer so they in their ultimate wisdom built a huge stage and hired musicians but unfortunately this just encouraged more people to join in. By early September however the mania started to abate and things eventually went back to normal. But this was an event that simply could not be explained and has defied science ever since.

Now there is something else that is just as mysterious and can’t be explained and that is why I always do crap in matches at Trinity waters. Here is a table of my last 8 match results at Trinity. One word describes “laughable”

Position Date
3rd last 06/06/2020
3rd last 11/01/2020
6th last 01/06/2019
3rd last 06/04/2019
2nd last 02/06/2018
2nd last 07/04/2018
Bottom 03/06/2017
4th bottom 08/04/2017
A certain pattern is evident.
I suppose this could be a reason .

The results for Trinity Woodlands 18/07/2020.

1st Rob Dodd after a poor showing in the last match made up for it today with a superb haul of 128lb 7oz The maestro used the pole at 11meters with corn and worm and also fished the margins for carp. Rob had the so called double bubble top weight and top silvers.

2nd was the paste guru Alan Bland who managed a healthy weight of 93lb. Alan had 2nd top silvers weight as well.

3rd was the one and only Eric Searle. Eric had a very slow start but made up for it later in the match. He alternated between pole and feeder main bait was worm.

4th was yours truly, yes it was me. I fished pole at 7 meters and late on in the margins. Most of the fish preferred worm. To boot I had a bream of 4lb 1oz. Yea

5th was Ian Townsend with 5 carp and a few bits. This gentleman fished peg 11 got snapped up a few times but persevered to top the scales with 41lb 08 oz. Corn and pole was the preferred method.

6th was, I just made it Dave Colley. Dave arrived a tad late so I had to draw for him. Mr Colley had 4 Carp and just under 16lb of Silver this was achieved with pole and worm.

7th Was my next door neighbour in terms of the pegging. Dave Gartenfeld like Eric, Dave had a very slow start but once he started catching that was it he couldn’t stop singing, yes singing. Oh well. Dave had 4 Carp and just over 12lb of Silvers for a total of 38lb 15 oz His tactics was mainly pole and worm.

8th place was last time out winner Paul Smith, Paul who was fishing peg 11 managed to weigh in 35lb 08oz. Paul had a few problems with beastly Carp who kept snapping him up. At one stage he even lost his elastic as well which drifted right across the lake and ended in peg 28 the home of Dave Gartenfeld.

9th position was none other than the one and only Alan Jenkins who accumulated a mass of fish for 34lb 03oz. Alan had a nice size Perch for his efforts. He tempted his fish on pole and meat mostly from the margins.

10th went to silvers angler Dave Nash whose main line of attack was pole and red maggot. His effort tipped the scale for 33lb 11oz.

11th was a certain Pete king. Pete employed the pole and mainly meat and pellet for 3 Carp for 23lb and a bag of silvers for 7lb 12oz. In total his catch came to 31lb 04 oz from peg 9.

12th came from peg 6 which was occupied by Phil Dodd, this geezer had no Carp but managed 16lb 04 oz of silvers. He managed to bank a bream of about 4lb but missed his keep net. The morale here is either get a bigger keep net or go to Spec Savers. LOL.

13th place went to Ashley Johnstone. Poor Ash spent most of the match being snapped up. Better luck next time bud. Ashleys total came to 12lb 12oz.

14th was out of sorts Bob Pascoe, Bob tempted his fish of 10lb 12oz (all silvers) on pole and meat.

15th was Dave Searle and to be fair to the bloke didn’t have the best of swims on peg 31. Dave managed to eek out a weight of 8lb.

Well yours truly actually managed 4th place, looks like my jinx has been quashed. I was going to celebrate with a merry little dance but I might become the next Frau Troffea.

The next match is at the Sedges on Tile lake on August 1st. But until then

Tights lines Pete C

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