Trinity Waters 06 June 2020


That old adage “all good things comes to those who wait”. Well believe it or not it is 91 days since our last match and boy have we waited. We have endured, endured a span of weeks that seemed to some extent that we were living in a post apocalyptic world. They called it Lock down but it might just have been called lock out. A lock out of things we loved so much. A lock out from reality. An isolation from the norm, an isolation that shoved us through the door in to a world that no one in this country had ever experienced before.

While we can understandably show great joy that our much loved pastime has been dragged from its mouth balled state and plonked back in to the land of normality. But we should not take our eye of the ball. Lock down was a means to an end, it was a necessity, a must do. For since our last match 40,000 people has passed away. To put that into perspective its a number greater than the population of Bridgwater. Stalin once said “one death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic”. (Surely this saying is a product of an evil mind). Well thank god the death toll is not a million. But take the figure of 40,000 and there are 40,000 tragedies. Somewhere within lies the scale of the toll, the agony , the sorrow, the anguish, the grieving and the mourning. Least we forget. We must never forget.

But it’s human nature to hail the return of that we love and cherish. We knew the day would come but no one could fore tell precisely. But on this overcast, grey laden, blustery, showery Saturday, here we are. The gang is back. We few, we happy breed, we lovers of fishing we band of match anglers. The arena is open let us once again immerge ourselves and travel down that magical road and let the humble compete with the mighty. Let battle commence.

Right lets see a loaf of bread, eggs, cheese, oh and fags.
“No honestly I reckon I got a good chance in this match”
“Right if any one asks it fell of a back of a lorry”
“It’s him I tell you, go on you check his pockets”
“well I thought it was going to be nice and warm with no rain”

Right then the results.

1stRob Dodd43lb 12oz32lb 04oz76lb10
2ndPaul Smith21lb 02oz53lb 06oz74lb 08oz26
3rdDave Nash30lb 08oz34lb 04oz64lb 12oz22
4thAlan Bland11lb 08oz49lb 08oz61lb29
5thIan Townsend4lb 10oz56lb 01 oz60lb 11oz13
6thBob Pascoe4lb48lb 06oz52lb 06oz14
7thPhil Dodd1lb 07oz37lb 12oz39lb 03oz25
8thAshley Johnson06oz37lb 06oz37lb 06oz11
9thAlan Jenkins12lb 14oz20lb 14oz33lb 12oz31
10thPete Curnow7lb 09oz15lb 13oz23lb 06oz28
11thDave Colley6lb 05oz8lb 08oz14lb 13oz6
12thDave Gartenfeld1lb 03oz6lb 02oz7lb 05oz7

First on the day and carrying on from where he left off before lock down was number one club angler Rob Dodd who had a weight total of 76lb. But in amongst that was a cracking weight of slivers which came to 43lb 12oz Rob fished the pole 9.5 meters and the margins on his beloved worm.

A cracking bag of Slivers well done Rob.

2nd top rod was angling stalwart Paul Smith who started of on the waggler but then fished the inside line with worm and soft pellet. Paul weight was a very descent 74lb 08oz.

Paul with the 2nd highest weight.

3rd was the one and only Dave Nash who topped the scales with 64lb 12oz. Mr Nash fished close in on dead red maggot.

4th was Alan Bland who used his favourite bait for most of the time, Paste. Fished the margins for most of his catch. His weight was a not to be scoffed at 61lb.

In at number 5 was Ian Townsend who fished the margins and close in on the pole using meat had a good little weight of 60lb 11oz.

Part of Pauls catch was this nice Perch of 2lb 2oz .

6th was Slivers man Bob Pascoe, bulb t this time could only muster only 4lb of slivers but had a trick up his sleeve when he banked 48lb 06oz of Carp. His haul was caught on the pole using corn. Bob had a ledger rod set up with (wait for it) a spring tip. A relic from the 1970s.

7th was angling veteran Phil Dodd who was on the feeder and managed to put on the scales 39lb 03oz His baits where worm, maggots and dead reds.

Phil with his whopper,

8th place was new kid on the block Ashley Johnson who happens to be Dave Gartenfeld grandson. Well Ashley had a very reasonable weight of 37lb 12oz. He alternated with using pole and corn and feeder and hard pellet.

In 9th place was fishings have a go Alan Jenkins who put 33lb 12oz on the scales. Alan had a nice eel of 3lb 10oz. Nice one mate. His method was meat and maggot on the pole.

Alans eel of 3lb 10oz.

10th place and in his least favourite venue owing to the fact this is probably one of his best results for this place was yours truly. Typically started of on the feeder when later it was discovered that all the fish were in close. But never mind I had 23lb 06oz and was not last. Main bait was meat.

11th placed was NHS front line worker Dave Colley. This gentleman put l4lb 13oz on the scales but the weather conditions did not help for were he was. He means of attack was mostly meat to his right from peg 6.

12th Was one of Brum’s finest Dave Gartenfeld who struggled through out and could only collect 7lb 5oz for the scales. Dave was on peg 7 next to Mr Colley so perhaps the weather was also an affecting factor.

Pete King was not present ( a note from his parents).

Owing to the ongoing situation with lockdown conditions affecting certain people Tony Richards and Eric Searle were unable to attend. But the club wish them well and hope to see them on the bank soon.

Before the we started the draw for the pairs competition took place and the result of the draw is listed below

Rob Dodd v Dave Gartenfeld

Phil Dodd v Dave Nash

Pete Curnow v Dave Colley

Alan Bland v Ian Townsend

Paul Smith V Alan Jenkins

Bob Pascoe V Ashley Johnson

The next Watchet Match will be on the Canal lake at the Sedges on Saturday June 20th.

So see you then Pete C.

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