Plantation Match, Shysters and a whole lot of lime.

Match at Plantation on February 18th.

The watchet angling club who do their upmost best in trying to dupe the public into believing that they are indeed a gang of competent match angler plyed they so called angling skill in a form of a fishing competition (silvers only) that took place at the popular Plantation lakes which for people who are not in the know is situated near Kingston Seymour. The weather wasn’t all that palable, one would describe it as a draby battleship grey with drizzle. The wind was two faced. Some like yours truly had swims which wasn’t dissimilar to fishing of of Cape Horn whilst some jamier beggers had swims with all the charm and placidness of an idyllic mill pond.

Top rod on the day was a person who is no stranger to winning at this venue, the one and only Rob Dodd on peg 31 (one of the mill pond pegs) with a delightful catch of of 20 lb 8oz. Runner up was young Ian Grabham who was pegged next to Rob (another mill pond swim) on peg number 32, Young Grabhams haul was a tasty 17 lb 10oz. Typical of this guy he stayed on fishing after the match. Ian it seems only works or goes fishing there doesn’t seem to be any in between. One can describe this fella as half man half seatbox.

Third place was silvers guy Dave Nash on peg 8 next to me. Old Nashie had a right beastie of a swim in as far as the wind was concerned, because he had the roaring forties in his face. He landed a net of a creditable 16 lb 12 oz. But Dave did show his honest side and admited that all but four of his fish were foul hooked. The rest of weights were some what on the whole quite acceptable considering the conditions. I would of been up near the top of the placings if it wasn’t for the fact that dead leafs in matches don’t count. No kidding I landed more dead leafs than fish. It was decided in the car park prior to the draw that the next match for Watchet angling club on March 4th will be at Combwich match lake.


It’s a sad fact of life that throughout human history a stain has accompanied mankind, It this black mark that is firmly embedded in to the soul of certain people. This blemished part of society that I am refering to are the persons who think it is acceptable to delve into the dark arts of THEFT. Tuesday February 7th 2023, people belonging to this group of homo immorality plyed their villianous trade at Combwich ponds. The metal transport container which serves as what we thought as a secure place for the equipment which is used for the upkeep of the ponds was broken into and certain items were taken. That of a chain saw and a electric panel. It appears that these bad guys were disturbed whilst carrying out their act of wickedness.

The scene that was greeted by a member of the bailiffs team, was that of the door to the container being left wide open and two sizable water pumps left outside, evidence no doubt that the culprits were disturbed. The crooks gained entry by hacksawing through part of the hasp and staple, owing to the toughness of the padlock. It should also be stated that the combination lock on the main gate to Combwich ponds was snapped of by what is presumably bolt croppers. This action could and I emphasis could be a ruse to put across that they did not know the combination and therefore tried to distract from the fact that they were anglers. I am not making any conclusions on this point what so ever, this is just a thought. Thursday Feb 10th another bailiff, Steve found the hedge trimmer that was thought to have been stolen dumped next to the lane leading to the main gate, again another pointer that the thiefs may have been disturbed. It is not the fact that things have been stolen and the cost of replacement but the hassle of repairing the damage and the time involved to put things back to normal again. May the unseen forces of what some people concider Karma find it’s way to these heinous persons and deal out the retribution that they deserve.

The Liming of Dunwear Big Pond.

The gate swim on the big pond at Dunwear on Sunday morning (19 th February) was inundated with buckets, wheel barrows, face masks, goggles, bags of lime, and other tools. The swim also got a visit by two small boats. This assortment was accompanied by the ever busy team of the pond managers (the unsung heroes). Jason Richards, Paul Owens, Andy Hooper, Grant Booth and Matt Parr oh and yours truly tagged along. The object of the exercise was to lime certain areas of big pond, particularly the corner where the first reed bank meets the north bank where the houses are. This is a place of concern owing to the fact there was a big fish loss here last year.

Liming a lake is not about changing the PH level of the water but to break down and rejuvenate the silt on the bottom. The big pond at Dunwear is pretty prone to silting and there are many places where the silt is dead and putrid. Liming breaks down the silt and also deepens the lake. The silt once rejuvenated becomes alive with all sorts of invertebrates and pond life. It is this out come which is very benefical to all the fish in the lake in terms of food and a much better environment. Liming a lake also reduces the population of leeches and lice which has an obvious detrimental effect on the fish. The job took over two and a half hours and afterwards all concerned knew it was a worth while task.

Right folks that is all so until next time may your bites be many and your fish be big.

Pete Curnow.

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