Missed match 11 April 2020

A message from Alan Bland

The one and only

11-04-20 match 13 cancelled due to worst Chinese take away the world has ever seen in our life time. Match dates and venues are available if required, But maybe you should consider fishing the optional winter league. Pete will happy receive any old fishing photos you may have to share.

All these thoughts are depressing me I am of to the pub. Hope you are all well stay safe and be lucky. Alan

Well once again we are all confined to our humble abodes and the simple pleasure of fishing has been denied us. It appears that the only way we can stay connected to our beloved sport is by sorting out our fishing equipment, watching dvds or watching you tube videos. It was while I was indulging my self in watching these you tube videos I suddenly pondered after noting the figure for number of views for the appropriate video what was the most watched piece of fishing ever. Well with the help of the internet I done a bit of research.

Mr Alf Garnett

Most of the TV programmes with the highest TV viewing figures ever recorded were actually from the 1960’s. This was owing to the fact that there were only 3 TV channels back then and each channel had a bigger share of the TV audience. Some shows had viewing figures of over 20 million. Shows such as Sunday Night at the London Palladium, The Morecombe and Wise show, Steptoe and Son and Till death as do Part. But TV today with it multitude of channel the best programmes barely reach the 7 million mark. So with this in mind and doing a bit of digging I think I have unearthed the Programme. Logically of course the programme would come from this so called golden era of TV. Ironically it was one of the first shows to be filmed in colour for the BBC way back in 1965. But the air date was 7th February 1966.

The show tried to captivate the mood of a group of 4 anglers fishing a small stream in a typical English village. A place where everyone would wish to live. A place which has a atmosphere of rustic happiness where the pace of life is slow but meaningful. A place where teatime is always at 5 O clock. A sleepy hollow, a quiet backwater. This group of 4 anglers always fished together on a Wednesday afternoon, the reason for Wednesday afternoon was simple, It was early closing.

The first of the anglers which is in no particular order was a typical rural person but was endowed with a business mind. He was owner of the local flour mill and had small side line in brewing. He was deemed by the locals as slightly old fashioned as this was testified by his country side attire and the fact that he used to ride around on a penny farthing.

Angler number 2 was a family man with 2 children a boy and a girl. His surname was Murphy and was the proprietor of the local bakery.

The 3rd angler was gentlemen that was held in very high esteem. He was a military man and held the rank of captain in the army. He would make sure that he would turn up without fail to take part in this jolly little get together.

The 4th guy also had business interests in the locality and it was from the back of his business premises they used to meet up and fish. This person as the story goes comes from a long line of sea captains. He has a passion for wearing boater hats.

There was a 5th person involved but did not fish he turned up to participate in his hobby that of photography He joined the anglers on the bank to take snap shots. He was a man of the medical profession the local doctor in fact. Another with a sleight tinge of eccentricity although this was the 1960s he used to drive a car similar to a Damleir Benz from the early 1900’s and another oddity of the good doctor was that he would always wear a top hat whilst examining he patients.

Well with this mixture of the idyllic and the offbeat no wonder the BBC thought it would be a good idea to send a film unit.

The corresponding Match from last year was fish at Trinity waters on the 6 April 2019.

14 anglers fished

1stRob Dodd63lb
2ndDave Colley48lb 09oz
3rdJohn Barker46lb 15oz
4thAlan Bland43lb 05oz
5thBob Pascoe35lb 02oz
6thEric Searle33lb 15oz
7thPhil Dodd28lb 10oz
8thTony Richards26lb 12oz
9thShane Dutton24lb 02 oz
10thPaul Smith20lb 06oz
11thPete Curnow6lb 12oz
13thAlan Jenkins2lb 04oz
DNWIDave Nashxxxxx

Just a couple sad points to end on. I was doing my shopping on Thursday and bumped in to a lady called Annette who used to be in the same year with me at school. Now she was married to Paul Baker. Paul for people who used to fish the Cellophane club matches was the Match Secretary at the back end of the 1990’s He took over from Dave Nash. Well I did not Know until Annette told me that Paul passed away nearly 3 ago RIP Paul.

Also we have just passed the 5th anniversary of the passing of ex club member Clive Cunningham who sadly died on the 7th April 2015. RIP Clive.

Take care people, Tight lines

Pete C

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