Avalon Fisheries 15/08/2020

Driving along the road between Shapwick and Avalon Fisheries on the way to the match and thinking of the tactics that I should employ that would enable me not to obtain last place some thing in the distance caught my eye. It looked like a van parked at the side of the road. As I approached carefully I notice two more vehicles also parked up. Ha you bastards sheep rustlers I thought. My plan was to drive past at a speed quick enough to run one of the sods over and slow enough to get one of their number plates. But alas the situation was not so intense, as I drew up along side I saw the faces of three anglers from the Watchet club. Ian Townsend, Dave Searle and Dave Gartenfeld. A problem had occurred, poor Dave Gartenfeld’s car had thrown it’s rattle out of the pram and decided that forward or backward motion was not part of it’s task any more and took the option of buggering up the gear box all by itself. So an arrangement was made that Dave Searle would tow Mr Gartenfeld’s defunct car to the car park at Avalon Fisheries. I would lead the way and Ian would bring up the rear.

The road of infamy.

We arrived at the car park at Avalon and managed to push it in to a parking space. Unfortunately Mr G’s car took on all the characteristics of the Torrey Canyon. (look it up if you don’t know). The oil which was leaking from the car became a concern as to believe it could seep into the lake. So once again with human muscle we pushed it to the opposite side of the car park. However when the owner turned up and realized the situation he developed an expression of Why the f**k me. So with wheel barrow, spade, grit and gravel a barrier was built to avoid disaster.

The original parking space of Dave G’s car, which then had to be moved away to the other side of the car park. Note the green chairs that were placed to stop further parking. just to the right you can see the barrier of grit and gravel that was hastily built.

To cut a long story short and fair play to Dave G and in true spirit he decided to fish the match regardless.

The match has now finished and step forward Mr David Colley. Dave with kind heart and conscious took it upon himself to go to Bristol to get a trailer, come back to Avalon Fisheries load up Dave G’s car and drive to Watchet the abode of Mr G. Now bare in mind that Dave Colley lives in Bristol. So it is on this premise that every member of Watchet club gets down on one knee dons their cap and gives him grace. A true and fine gentleman indeed.

Our hero the one and only Dave Colley.

The results

1st Was none other than the fishing Guru himself Rob Dodd. This guy acquired the coveted achievement of the double bubble. Top weight overall and top silvers. Rob fished his beloved method the pole. His silvers haul was acquired by fishing top 2 plus 2 with corn and worm. His carp came from the margins on corn. Rob occupied peg 16.

Mr Rob Dodd the winner make what you want with this pose?

2nd was paste master and match secretary Alan Bland who fished mainly for carp but in his own words struggled. He put on the scales just a tad over 33 lb. He did have a descent bream which was slightly under 4 lb. His home for the match was peg 12.

2nd placed Alan Bland.

3rd was ex paratrooper Bob Pascoe on peg 6. Bob who normally fish for silvers managed to land a carp in the region of 10 lb. He had third top silvers haul of 18 lb 08 oz and 14 lb 12 oz of carp.

Bob Pascoe at the weigh in who managed 3rd.

4th was Dave colley who fished mainly the feeder with maggot and pellet landed a creditable total weight of 31 lb 07 oz. From peg 5.

Our hero Dave Colley weighing in with the help of fishery owner Vic Bush.

5th was Ian Townsend who on peg 4 (not the best of pegs) tipped the scales for 30 lb 07 oz. I believed he had a few carp in the margins.

6th was Paul Smith who fished mostly pole at various distances with worm on the hook amassed a total of 26 lb 03 oz. This was achieved on peg 9

7th was yours truly on peg 7. I was pipped by 2 oz by Mr Smith for a weight of 26lb 01 oz. My method was 7 meters straight out on the pole sloppy ground bait with corn. I managed to obtain 2nd top silvers for a cash prize of a life changing amount of £8, yea.

8th was Eric Searle on peg 13 had an all carp haul of 23lb 12 oz. Eric fished the pellet feeder.

9th on peg 11 with an all silvers haul was Dave Nash, Dave employed mainly caster for bait for 15lb 03 oz.

10th place went to Pete King who used mostly pole with maggot and pellet from un fancied peg 3

But managed to eek out 14 lb 04 oz in total

11th was veteran angler Phil Dodd who was end pegger. Phil employed just the waggler on peg 17 and managed to weigh in 9 lb 05oz

12th in the weights was Dave Gartenfeld with 4 lb 12 oz from peg 10. But to be fair Dave had other problems on his mind so we can’t read any thing in to this placing.

Dave Searle caught three small roach but did not bother to weigh in. Dave fished peg 14.

Thanks Jeff.

On a final note I want to say a big big thanks to this guy here. This is Jeff Sparks who was fishing the other match which was taking place on same lake. Jeff a good friend of mine took time out before the start of his match to pay me a visit and give me some very useful tips which helped me to gain 2nd top silvers weight. Thanks mate.

Next match is on Saturday the 29th of August on KSD Parchay. See you there.

Tight lines

Pete C.

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