Match fished at Trinity Waters 28th August 2021

First on the day and it would be correct to say by a very wide margin indeed was Ian Townsend. Ian bagged a truly outstanding weight from peg 21 of 164 lb 04 oz. This Carp only haul was taken on the pole fishing the margins with meat as bait. Hearty congratulations to him.

Victory for Mr Ian Townsend.

In 2nd place was Carp basher Eric Searle with a weight of 109 lb 14 oz. Fishing from peg 25 Mr Searle fished feeder with pellet. By the way thanks Eric for the tomatoes and cucumber mate.

A 2nd for Eric.
This is one of the fish that Eric had caught which actually ended up in his silvers net. The reason being was that Eric didn’t believe it was a Carp.

3rd spot went Steve Warren who had a weight of 53 lb 14 oz. On peg 12 Steve tactics was pole and soft pellet. Part of his catch was a lovely Perch of 1 lb 11 oz.

A happy go lucky Steve Warren.

Paul Smith found himself at 4th place with a mix bag of 37 lb 13 oz. From peg number 16. Paul used pole with worm and banded pellet.

At 5th was Rob Dodd who seems to be a bit out of sorts at the moment and must be missing his normal finishing place in the top 3. But Rob on peg 13 had a creditable placing with a net of 32 lb 02 oz. Pole with sweetcorn, worm and maggot was utilized.

Number 6 was Bob Pascoe who used the pole and meat approach at 8 meters from peg 29. He managed to put on the scales 31 lb 13 oz.

In at 7 spot was Ian Grabham on corner peg 6, Ian amassed a total of 31 lb 03 oz. This was obtained by mainly pole at 11 meters with paste.

Tony Richards at 8th placing had a totally different way of doing things by using bread throughout. He used bread punch and bread flake from corner swim 32. This tactic earned him a reasonable weight of 26 lb 05oz.

26lb 02 oz got match secretary Alan Bland into 9th spot. Peg 31 was his home for the day and pole with meat and paste was used.

10th place went to Phil Dodd. Using an ordinary feeder and his favourite bait dead maggot Phil netted a total of 25 lb 03 oz from peg 27.

Dave Nash was 11th although at the wrong end of the main table he was top of the silvers table so well done to him. Peg 10 was the place of his silvers triumph. Pole with worm and caster helped to a weight of 16 lb 13oz.

12th was good old Alan Jenkins on peg 23. Alan caught 4 lb 01 oz he employed and in his own words “all sorts”.

Right this is my peg at the weigh in. Go on have a guess.

Okay lets get down to the nitty gritty, writing this match report was like writing ones own obituary. Yours truly did hook 3 Carp and all was lost at the net. On two occasions the line snapped. (no comment)! I did land one descent skimmer near the end but thought best not to waste peoples time.

I not going to say that I was the worst angler on the day but I was certainly in the bottom one.

The results.
The top silvers.

Although I have been a Bridgwater Angling Association permit holder since 1975 and spent a great deal of my school summer holidays over Dunwear ponds, add to that I pass through Dunwear at least twice a week as an alternative way to work, but I have to say I haven’t fished the ponds in 5 years until last Thursday. That said day me and a very good friend of mine one John Hughes who a lot of you fine readers will remember used to work in Somerset Angling found ourselves fishing the big pond. Well not shy on trying something different we decided to fish on one of the newish pallets which backs on to North pit. And there evolved a typical fishing session of two old gits sitting side by side, lines in the water having a good old reminisce and a right old moan. The weather was obliging and the change of scenery was pleasing on the eye. We were living the experience, lapping it up and chilling out. There was however an added extra that of Mr Hughes having a very productive day by catching eight nice size bream all ranging between 4 lb and 5lb. A fine catch indeed which was the result of the feeder. The consensus between us however was the excellent condition of the fish and concluded that most of the fish landed had never been caught before. We shall pay this place a visit again.

Well done Mr Hughes.

Now it would be criminal of me if I didn’t mention the very hard work by a small band of dedicated members of the Bridgwater Angling Association who use their spare time to improve things at Dunwear. Believe me folks the effort that these guys put in is no mean feat. lots of sweat and effort have been expended in to improving the venue for the benefits of the members. The list of things that have been achieved have been the replacement of many pallets, the putting up of fences and gates to thwart access to the general public and improve the safety of the angling members. The creating of paths such as the ones leading to the aptly named swims of slopey, killer and helicopter. And a general upgrading of the car park. Also as well and we must not forget the fantastic job that has been done to the Railway pond. These developments have taken a lot of endeavour from a small group of volunteers. To these selfless people, Sirs I take my hat of to you, I will get on bended knee and give you grace. Well done chaps.

Now people who read this blog will probably realise that the Environmental Agency are not not on my Christmas card list. The decline of the river Huntspill and Kings Sedgemoor Drain spring to mind in this train of thought. It was with a mixture of amusement and interest to read a small article from the Bridgwater Mercury published two weeks ago about operation Lungfish. Apparently the EA are undertaking a series of patrols to target poachers and those fishing without a license. Now in the last paragraph from the cutting below we see that a certain Heidi Stone who has the title of fisheries partnership manager Saying “anti-social behaviour on our banks ( I presume this includes the banks of Kings Sedgemoor Drain at Parchay) is not only harmful but can have a detrimental effect on the environment”. Well my dear you have missed a very important point indeed. You have forgot to mention that anti-social behaviour has a dentrimental effect on the fishing as well. Yes fishing that sport which is participated by anglers. The anglers who pay money for a rod license.

On the 17th of July of this year Watchet Angling club had a match ruined by anti-social behaviour (see blog post) at Parchay on the KSD. Nothing could be done apparently, the EA consider it a civil matter. Even though the KSD is their water.

Now in this respect this operation Lungfish reminds me of the props department who was part of the production team who produced the 1960s Sci Fi series Star Trek. You know the series with captain Kirk, doctor Mc coy, Spock and Scotty. Well certain scenes from various episodes showed shots of Kirks and Spock quarters with weird and wonderful ornaments and nik naks to try to portray futuristic trends and fashions.

Live long and prosper.

Now as a joke the props department etched these ornaments and nik naks with the letters LGDN which stands for looks good does nothing. Do you get my point?

Some good news, From September 1st the Railway pond at Dunwear will be open for Fishing.

Well I have had a good old moan and all the remains is for me to say

Tight lines.

Pete C.

Match Fished at Trinity Waters on 05/06/2021 by Watchet Angling Club.

The Results.

PositionAnglerSlivers CarpTotalPeg
1stEric Searle 2 lb 09 oz 77 lb 09 oz 80lb 02 oz14
2nd Nigel Coram6lb 13 oz 65 lb 02 oz 71 lb 15 oz23
3rdIan Townsend10lb 09 oz61 lb 04 oz 71 lb 13 oz 31
4thAlan Bland 5lb 10 oz58 lb 04 oz63 lb 14 oz27
5th Steve Warren7 lb 02 oz 41 lb 02 oz 48 lb 04 oz29
6th Paul Smith 14 lb 02 oz 29 lb 03 oz 43 lb 05 oz 8
7th Bob Pascoe 10 lb 10 oz 28 lb 38 lb 10 oz 12
8thPhil Dodd 1 lb 08 oz 33 lb 10 oz 35 lb 02 oz 16
9th Dave Colley1 lb 09 oz 31 lb 02 oz 32 lb 11 oz 6
10th Rob Dodd14 lb 09 oz 10 lb 08 oz 25 lb 01 oz10
11thDave Nash 5 lb 7 lb 08 oz 12 lb 08 oz 21
12th Alan Jenkins 4 lb 10 oz XXXX4 lb 10 oz25
Top Silvers
1stRob Dodd14 lb 09 oz10
2ndPaul Smith14 lb 02 oz 8
3rdBob Pascoe 10lb 10 oz12
4thIan Townsend10lb 09 oz31
5thSteve Warren7 lb 02 oz29
6thNigel Coram6 lb 13 oz 23


Ardent readers of my beloved blog will probably first of all look at the bottom part of the results table to see once again how badly yours truly has done. Well sorry to disappoint you my angling flock but you will not find me there, alias you won’t find me in the top part either. For Friday I had to travel to Boots in Taunton to have my 2nd vaccine jab. I may now be resistant to the old Covid bug but in this situation it seems a give and take situation or a balancing act has arisen. For although in theory I am now fully inoculated, it came with a price. Soon after the jab say about an hour and a half I had the most thumping headache which lasted for a good day. So come Saturday the day of the Trinity Waters match I just put up the white flag and threw a sickie. Hence this abridged match report is done thanks to the co operation of the match secretary Alan Bland. Alan was kind enough to phone through the results and gave me a very brief summary of what went on.

So here goes, in Alan’s own words the “fishing was very spasmodic and the fish really did not feed with any confidence throughout” and as normal with this venue it was Carp that made up the main bulk of the match weight. One good point to note was the quality of some of the Perch that was caught. Ian Townsend who got 3rd had one of 2 lb 4 oz. Nigel Coram in 2nd spot had a nice one of 1 lb 14 oz, Mr Alan Bland caught one of 1 lb 11 oz and veteran Bob Pascoe netted one of 1 lb 3 oz.

Now we all know that the Watchet Angling club is blessed by having a really good match secretary in Alan Bland , no one can deny that. Saturday however dear old Alan broke with tradition. Owing to the fact that this guy works a night shift a couple times a week, poor fellow come Friday night and he’s absolutely shattered, goes to bed for a good nights kip. Nothing wrong in that you may ask, well there was a slight hiccup in that he did not get out of it until 08. 30am Saturday morning and the snag is that the draw is at 08.45am. For the first time ever Alan was late. Well Alan did arrive at Trinity Waters car park at 09.00 am to a standing ovation from the club members (we can be a right sarcastic lot sometimes you know). This was the match where the draw was going to be made for the clubs pairs competition. This should’ve been done at the beginning but because of sleepy head this was now done after the match.

Draw for the pairs

Pete Curnow V Dave Nash

Alan Bland v Ian Townsend

Paul Smith V Alan Jenkins

Dave Colley V Phil Dodd

Bob Pascoe V Tony Richards

Eric Searle V Steve Warren

Rob Dodd v Nigel Coram

I was just had an interesting chat with the chairman of Bridgwater Angling Association Nigel Gillard. Nigel who is one of the major inspirations behind the revamp of the club gave some more snippets of the proposed plans for Dunwear. As mentioned before it was put forward that a bridge was to be built at the Sedgemoor road end of Railway pond. This bridge would span the narrow end of the pond and in turn would save anglers a lot of time in getting to the swims on the far side. Well I can tell you that work on the bridge will start later on in the year. Another bit of info that came to light about railway pond is that when the pond was blighted by that dreaded Water Primrose a survey was done to see the best way to eradicate this menace, but something else came out of the survey, the people behind the survey stated that they had never seen so many Tench before in one lake. Well here’s to the future then. The stocking policy I was told for the Railway pond come the new match lake will be predominantly done with silver fish, any carp over 6 lb will be removed. (what a good idea). Also later this year a restocking of South pond will take place.

Well that’s all folks, take care and tight lines.

Pete Curnow.

Ps I wish to apologise to our newest member of the club Steve Warren because and I am not apportioning blame but I was told your surname was Warner. Hence the mistake in the previous post. Sorry chum.

Match Fished at Trinity Fisheries on 09/04/2021

Way way back in the 1960’s when I was 6 years old, yours truly was invited to a friends birthday party, that day after school had finished mum picked me up and of we went to the house of concern. Mum knocked on the door which was soon opened. We were met by the smiling face of Marlene the mother of Mark whose birthday it was, she ushered us in to the hallway. Mum reached into her hand bag and gave me Marks present. “go on give Mark his present then” I went into the front room which was where the birthday bash for the under 7’s was going to be. Marlene and mum had a good old chinwag and after a few minutes mum left. It was the first time I had been to Marks’s house and the configuration was completely different to my abode. The scene before me was about 6 kids sat around a large table playing with spinning tops, Lego and plastic Meccano etc. I went up to Mark who was pleased to see me. I handed him a box that was gift wrapped. He opened it up and stared at a toy die cast racing car made by Matchbox. His eyes lit up and with an enthusiastic grin the table for the next 5 minutes to him was Brands Hatch.

The exact same model I gave Mark . We didn’t have play stations and X boxes in my day we had good old Matchbox cars.

I sat at the table and started to look around at the room. At first, I looked out of the window at the front lawn then at the side wall which had a fireplace with a mirror above. I turned around to look at the back wall and there on the wall was something I had never seen before. Now bear in mind I was 6 at the time and most kids at that age are still taking in life, certain concepts such as the legal requirement to go to school and father Christmas. Oh, and Janet and John books (look it up if you’re under a certain age).

Brings back memories to some.

This discovery of mine had me fixated, I was so obsessed by the item on the wall all the noise of the kids around me just faded away. What on earth was this thing on the wall I was absolutely mesmerised. With the limited knowledge of 6-year-old I had eliminated the thought that this was a picture, a photo, a clock and it definitely was not a mirror. My scant description of this mysterious object was that it was rectangular shaped and had yellow edging. I was dragged out of my reverie by the arrival of Tressa who was Mark’s Auntie. Tressa was like her sister cheerful, friendly and smiling. “Right put all the toys away and let’s put the tablecloth on shall we” she said. The toys found their way back in their boxes and as a result the tablecloth was laid. Tressa, who was still in the room, spoke once more with a slightly raised voice “Ok Mar all set” I once again I had my eyes set on the strange object on the wall. Shooosh I was taken back and slightly startled, the centre of the object moved side wards, in an instant the centre had been replaced by the jovial face of Marlene, “ok here we go” spoke Marlene. At the tender age of 6 I had my first encounter with a serving hatch. Moments later plates of jelly, trifle and biscuits were carried through from the kitchen to the front room via the hatch. Amazing!

Halfway through the party I turned around again and looked at the serving hatch and had a bizarre thought. You could open the serving hatch get someone you don’t like tie their hands behind their back put their head through the hatch slide the door back until their head was jammed, the person would be stuck, and if you really didn’t like the person you could use something heavy like a baseball bat or lead piping and whack their head. ( Okay I’m still only 6 and I still have to learn right from wrong).

Now put the clock forward 50 years or so and I am getting ready to fish a match at Trinity Waters, so to get some info on how it’s been fishing I decided to look at their Facebook page. Well scrolling down I came to this post.

And the past week the BBC put on their website this picture.

Well it’s when I see things like this my mind drifts back to Mark’s birthday party back in the 1960’s, the serving hatch and that bizarre thought.

The Match itself.

As you can see there was a mad rush at the draw.

At number one spot was NHS hero Dave Colley. Dave fished on peg 14, his tactics for his winning haul of 45 lb 05 oz was pole at 10 meters and later in the the margins his main bait was sweetcorn. Well done mate.

The eventual winner in the car park before the start, showing of his sweet peas. Like match anglers normally do.

2nd spot went to maestro Rob Dodd who on peg 24 just used double red maggot to tempt his fish. The main weight of his fish came in the last hour in the margins. For his efforts Rob’s total weight was 34 lb 10 oz.

Mr Rob Dodd who got second.

3rd was Ian Townsend on peg 10. Now get this he had a little moan about lack of bites but managed to put on the scales a very creditable catch of 29 lb 06 oz. Ian used meat which appears to be his favourite bait at the moment. He fished mostly down the edges.

Ian in kick ass mode before the start.

In 4th place on peg 29 and everyone was pleased for this guy was Tony Richards. This veteran angler who has been very poorly indeed and owing to his illness haven’t fished with the club for 14 months. Regardless Tony put in an excellent performance with 19lb 14 oz this consisted of a Carp of 10 lb 04 oz. Tony fished close in on maggot all day. Welcome back.

The man himself Tony Richards as old as the Catholic church and who has the metabolism of an ox. This guy got 4th. Welcome back mate from all of us.

The match secretary Alan Bland ended up in 5th from peg 26. He had a single Carp of 12 lb and 7 lb 01 oz of silvers, Alan fished maggot at vaying distances.

Paul Smith had the top silvers weight of 12 lb 06 oz from peg 9. He employed pole and waggler with worm and maggot. His was an all silvers catch. Paul also had a nice eel to boost his haul. Paul finished in 6th.

A nice eel that was caught by Mr smith.

On peg 22 and sitting comfy on his chair was Phil Dodd who fished the feeder with dead maggot all day. For 7th he had a all silvers catch of 11 lb 01oz.

In at number 8 was Silvers angler Dave Nash. Dave fished the pole and whip with single maggot on peg 7 which happened to be golden peg. His all silvers catch came to 9 lb 10 oz.

9th was angling veteran Alan Jenkins from peg 21. Alan just had 2 fish a Carp of 7 lb 11 oz and a handy size Perch which weighed a creditable 1 lb 10 oz. His tactics was pole with maggot or meat. Catch total was 9 lb 05 oz.

Alan’s nice size perch.

Shaun Dyke found himself at 10th spot with a catch consisting of 2 Carp which came to 9 lb 03 oz. Peg 10 was his abode, his method was pole and expander pellet.

On peg 6 was Brummie Dave Gartenfeld. The corner swim did not produce for poor Dave whose fish tipped the scales at 5 lb 02 oz. Double red maggots fished on the pole was employed by Mr G who finished 11th.

This is Mr G after his weigh in, after I’d told him that his Birmingham City were beating my beloved Stoke one nil.

Yours truly Pete Curnow could only muster 4 Skimmers and some bits for 12th. Fishing the pole mostly at 13 meters with single and double red could only buy me 5 bites and 4 skimmers Fishing both margins only resulted in bits. I was on peg 12. My total was a measly 4 lb 02 oz. I did miss a Carp at the net though “honest”.

Having a torrid time on peg 11 was Carp king Eric Searle, unfortunately the Carp in his swim went on hunger strike so poor Eric could only put together a weight of bits of 3 lb 03 oz. Maggot and pole was his effort.

On peg 13 was Nigel Coram. Nigel stuck it out to the bitter end but decided not to weigh in.

The results.
By the way Phil Dodd wanted to show of his new coat.

The next match is on the April 24th at Landsend Fisheries on the match lake.

Until then take care and tight lines.

Pete C.

Trinity Waters 06 June 2020


That old adage “all good things comes to those who wait”. Well believe it or not it is 91 days since our last match and boy have we waited. We have endured, endured a span of weeks that seemed to some extent that we were living in a post apocalyptic world. They called it Lock down but it might just have been called lock out. A lock out of things we loved so much. A lock out from reality. An isolation from the norm, an isolation that shoved us through the door in to a world that no one in this country had ever experienced before.

While we can understandably show great joy that our much loved pastime has been dragged from its mouth balled state and plonked back in to the land of normality. But we should not take our eye of the ball. Lock down was a means to an end, it was a necessity, a must do. For since our last match 40,000 people has passed away. To put that into perspective its a number greater than the population of Bridgwater. Stalin once said “one death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic”. (Surely this saying is a product of an evil mind). Well thank god the death toll is not a million. But take the figure of 40,000 and there are 40,000 tragedies. Somewhere within lies the scale of the toll, the agony , the sorrow, the anguish, the grieving and the mourning. Least we forget. We must never forget.

But it’s human nature to hail the return of that we love and cherish. We knew the day would come but no one could fore tell precisely. But on this overcast, grey laden, blustery, showery Saturday, here we are. The gang is back. We few, we happy breed, we lovers of fishing we band of match anglers. The arena is open let us once again immerge ourselves and travel down that magical road and let the humble compete with the mighty. Let battle commence.

Right lets see a loaf of bread, eggs, cheese, oh and fags.
“No honestly I reckon I got a good chance in this match”
“Right if any one asks it fell of a back of a lorry”
“It’s him I tell you, go on you check his pockets”
“well I thought it was going to be nice and warm with no rain”

Right then the results.

1stRob Dodd43lb 12oz32lb 04oz76lb10
2ndPaul Smith21lb 02oz53lb 06oz74lb 08oz26
3rdDave Nash30lb 08oz34lb 04oz64lb 12oz22
4thAlan Bland11lb 08oz49lb 08oz61lb29
5thIan Townsend4lb 10oz56lb 01 oz60lb 11oz13
6thBob Pascoe4lb48lb 06oz52lb 06oz14
7thPhil Dodd1lb 07oz37lb 12oz39lb 03oz25
8thAshley Johnson06oz37lb 06oz37lb 06oz11
9thAlan Jenkins12lb 14oz20lb 14oz33lb 12oz31
10thPete Curnow7lb 09oz15lb 13oz23lb 06oz28
11thDave Colley6lb 05oz8lb 08oz14lb 13oz6
12thDave Gartenfeld1lb 03oz6lb 02oz7lb 05oz7

First on the day and carrying on from where he left off before lock down was number one club angler Rob Dodd who had a weight total of 76lb. But in amongst that was a cracking weight of slivers which came to 43lb 12oz Rob fished the pole 9.5 meters and the margins on his beloved worm.

A cracking bag of Slivers well done Rob.

2nd top rod was angling stalwart Paul Smith who started of on the waggler but then fished the inside line with worm and soft pellet. Paul weight was a very descent 74lb 08oz.

Paul with the 2nd highest weight.

3rd was the one and only Dave Nash who topped the scales with 64lb 12oz. Mr Nash fished close in on dead red maggot.

4th was Alan Bland who used his favourite bait for most of the time, Paste. Fished the margins for most of his catch. His weight was a not to be scoffed at 61lb.

In at number 5 was Ian Townsend who fished the margins and close in on the pole using meat had a good little weight of 60lb 11oz.

Part of Pauls catch was this nice Perch of 2lb 2oz .

6th was Slivers man Bob Pascoe, bulb t this time could only muster only 4lb of slivers but had a trick up his sleeve when he banked 48lb 06oz of Carp. His haul was caught on the pole using corn. Bob had a ledger rod set up with (wait for it) a spring tip. A relic from the 1970s.

7th was angling veteran Phil Dodd who was on the feeder and managed to put on the scales 39lb 03oz His baits where worm, maggots and dead reds.

Phil with his whopper,

8th place was new kid on the block Ashley Johnson who happens to be Dave Gartenfeld grandson. Well Ashley had a very reasonable weight of 37lb 12oz. He alternated with using pole and corn and feeder and hard pellet.

In 9th place was fishings have a go Alan Jenkins who put 33lb 12oz on the scales. Alan had a nice eel of 3lb 10oz. Nice one mate. His method was meat and maggot on the pole.

Alans eel of 3lb 10oz.

10th place and in his least favourite venue owing to the fact this is probably one of his best results for this place was yours truly. Typically started of on the feeder when later it was discovered that all the fish were in close. But never mind I had 23lb 06oz and was not last. Main bait was meat.

11th placed was NHS front line worker Dave Colley. This gentleman put l4lb 13oz on the scales but the weather conditions did not help for were he was. He means of attack was mostly meat to his right from peg 6.

12th Was one of Brum’s finest Dave Gartenfeld who struggled through out and could only collect 7lb 5oz for the scales. Dave was on peg 7 next to Mr Colley so perhaps the weather was also an affecting factor.

Pete King was not present ( a note from his parents).

Owing to the ongoing situation with lockdown conditions affecting certain people Tony Richards and Eric Searle were unable to attend. But the club wish them well and hope to see them on the bank soon.

Before the we started the draw for the pairs competition took place and the result of the draw is listed below

Rob Dodd v Dave Gartenfeld

Phil Dodd v Dave Nash

Pete Curnow v Dave Colley

Alan Bland v Ian Townsend

Paul Smith V Alan Jenkins

Bob Pascoe V Ashley Johnson

The next Watchet Match will be on the Canal lake at the Sedges on Saturday June 20th.

So see you then Pete C.

Watchet Angling Club Winter League Match 5 11/01/2020

Woodlands trinity Waters

Position Date
4/14 06/06/2015
7/12 08/04/2017
13/13 03/06/2017
9/10 07/04/2018
11/12 02/06/2018
12/14 06/04/2019
7/13 01/06/2019

The above table shows my abysmal results at Woodlands lake Trinity Waters. Now hand on heart it does not make good reading I admit. In the about me page of this blog I put down that I was Mr average when it comes to angling. Well looking at the above table you might well think I need to replace the word average. But on reflection and no disrespect to the venue I have renamed it my Spoons venue.

A few years ago I was talking one of the security guards at work called Ted, he was a tall bloke and always had time for a few words. It was one of these friendly encounters when Ted told me a funny story which has always stuck with me. When Ted was in the Royal Marines they used to play a game with the recruits new to the unit called spoons.

The game is played with two people sitting opposite each other at a table both with a spoon in their mouth. When the game begins one of the guys looks down at the table and closes his eyes while the other whacks him on the head with the spoon which still in his mouth. Each take in turns with this said action. The object is to get the other to submit. But unknown to the new recruit there is some one standing behind him with a soup ladle. Well you can guess the rest, the new recruit instead of getting hit with a spoon gets whacked with a what ?

The connection between this game of spoons and yours truly fishing this venue is that I feel that I have something in common with the poor recruit. That is I am in a competition and don’t have a cat in hell chance of winning.

Right that’s the whinging out the way Dare I say it here is the report.

First and foremost the match was well attended by 11 hardly souls. It was nice to see a few faces from the past such as Dave Gartenfeld and Ian Townsend. The weather was 99% dry but the wind was somewhat blustery. As a testimony to this, whilst setting up, my fishing trolley was swept of it 4 wheels and promptly deposited in to the lake. Luckily with the help of Tony Rchards who was in the next peg we managed to retrieve it. What a great start.

Well some anglers done alright considering the wintry conditions and some anglers didn’t. Now with the information in the above table and the law of statistics have a guess which group of anglers I ended up in.

First on the day was the ever friendly, the ever jovial, Mr happy go lucky, the one and only Paul Smith with a very creditable weight of 17lb 12oz. Paul fished 13 meters with maggot and caster, This Watchet veteran had a nice size golden tench which was tempted on maggot. Well done Paul.

In 2nd was “I am always in the money” Rob Dodd with 14lb 4oz., Rob tempted all his fish on double red maggot out on 12 -13 meters.

3rd place was Mr Birmingham City FC Dave Gartenfeld. Who amassed a reasonable weight of 9lb 6oz, Dave started out on the tip but to no avail, So swapped to the pole and caught at about 8 meters using 3 casters on a size 16 hook. Dave also had a tench which he caught on corn.

4th was Mr secret agent Eric Searle. Mr 007 had 7lb 6oz from peg 29 Eric fished mostly the pole at 12meters for all his fish but when asked what bait he had used, he replied with the code word coconut, which in GCHQ terms means maggot. Eric also caught a nice Crucian.

5th place was match secretary Alan Bland. Alan put 5lb 4oz on the scales, he fished 9-10 meters out and caught all his fish on red maggot.

6th was Mr Dave the cash Nash who for the first few hours uncharacteristically fished the small feeder, but could only scrape together a smattering of small bits. In the last hour he went on to one of his favourite methods the waggler and ended up with a total catch of 4lb 1oz.

7th place was “I am moving to Bristol but don’t know when” Dave Colley, This jolly chap caught a catch of 2lb 2oz, all on the pole and maggot.

8th was Mr bee man Tony “ I help save your trolley” Richards. Tony struggled in the peg next to me and caught 1lb 10oz of bits. Alternating between short pole and waggler. Main bait maggot.

9th was yours truly. Well I had to come somewhere. I managed to catch and put on the scales a meagre 10oz Well I don’t like breaking with tradition. I tried feeder for the first 3 hours and went on the waggler for the last 2 but you can see 10 oz just tells the story.

Ian Townsend and Phil Dodd decided not to bother with the scales hence DNW.

Position Name Weight peg
1st Paul Smith 17lb 12oz 31
2nd Rob Dodd 14lb 4oz 23
3rd Dave Gartenfeld 9lb 6oz 25
4th Eric Searle 7lb 6oz 29
5th Alan Bland 5lb 4oz 22
6th Dave Nash 4lb 1oz 26
7th Dave Colley 2lb 2oz 32
8th Tony Richards 1lb 10oz 27
9th Pete Curnow 10oz 28

Phil Dodd DNW 24

Ian Townsend DNW 21

I like to put forward an idea for the match fishing fraternity and that is to offer a new prize. The prize should awarded at the end of each match season and should be called The Abingdon Town FC award. This award should be given to the person who packs up the most times before the end of the match. Why Abingdon Town FC. Well Abingdon Town who play in the 10th tier of the football league were playing rivals Abingdon United in a local derby in front of a crowd of over 160 in December last year. Well at half time Abingdon Town were losing 8-nil. So at the interval the players went in the dressing room got dressed, packed up and went home. There you have it.

The next match in this winter league series will be on the River Tone. But if the river is in flood the reserve venue will be the Bridgwater and Taunton canal. Right I normally do crap on the Tone and reasonably well on the canal, so to spare my blushes for the next match can you all do me a big favour, every day for the next 2 weeks can you all please clean your windows.

Many thanks.