Match Fished at the Sedges Tile Lake on 09/10/2021

Well as the saying goes you can’t keep a good man down and this was certainly the case with out of form Rob Dodd who smashed it with a very impressive weight (for the time of year and conditions) of 106 lb 09 oz. As usual Mr Dodd kept things simple with pole at 11m, 4 lb straight through and red maggot as bait. This feat was accomplished on end peg 29 on the road side.

2nd place went to Eric Searle. Eric who had peg 40 fished with feeder and pellet to the margins at first but without much success. Fishing straight out in front soon paid dividends and this is were he got the bulk of his fish from. This change helped him to a weight of 88 lb 12 oz.

Mr consistent and I say Mr consistent because I am trying to tempt fate here (only Joking) found himself in 3rd, and by Mr consistent I mean Steve Warren. This guy who resides in Clevedon alternated between pole and feeder on peg 38. He found the best bait to be pellet. 70 lb 01 oz was his haul.

Brummie Ian Townsend got 4th spot from peg 26 with a reasonable weight of 65 lb 09 oz. Every one was aghast one he said he had used corn instead of his favourite bait meat. But still it paid of for Ian who fished the pole at 11 meters.

The layed back approach which is normally employed by Phil Dodd got him into 5th place from peg number 27. Now Phil who was next to me said before the start of the match that he was wishing for a good day catching bream. Well every time he hooked a carp there was shall we say an element of moaning but one could sense there was a touch of humour attached to it. Using what else but method feeder with dead red maggot or worm got him 44 lb 05 oz of so called pesky carp but he did have 4 lb 1oz of silvers for a grand total of 48 lb 06 oz.

Young Ian Grabham took 6th spot from peg 23. Ian it seems brings half a tackle shop to his peg. This guy had a reasonable match with a not to be sniffed at weight of 47 lb 01 oz. His main approach was feeder stuffed with micros, wafters and expander pellet as bait. He really does enjoy his fishing because he always stays behind after the match for an extra hour or two. Good on yer mate.

Alan Jenkins is enjoying a reasonable season, for him anyway, normally keeping me company in the bottom two of the final placings, Alan had good days fishing and ended up in 7th. This happy go lucky character had a catch of 39 lb 04 oz from peg 25. He used a variety of tactics, such as pellet feeder and maggot and pole. Well done buddy.

Normally a silvers only bloke Bob Pascoe in 8th spot appeared to delve in to the so called dark side. Bobs carp net totalled 29 lb 14 oz and had a silvers net of 9lb for a grand total of 38 lb 14 oz. Pole and maggot was used from peg 36. He had 3 carp on his inside line.

Although down in the main results placings at number 9, Paul Smith once again is top of the silvers table with a good haul of 21 lb 13 oz. Paul achieved top silvers weight from peg 39. Mr Smith fished pole at 13 meters with worm as main bait. His total came to 29 lb 13 oz.

Now the powers that be, who hide in another dimension and who are responsible for statistical normality in the space time continuum and who were caught of guard last match, have been frantically busy over the last 2 weeks ironing out any irregularities, flukes or oddities that might occur and to ensure that life as will know it continues to exists as normal.. Well their hard work had certainly paid off, from winning the last match (the first in many years), I found myself in 10th spot this time. From peg 28 I did not have my first fish until ten to three, but still ended up with 28 lb 03 oz. Hence I had more action in the last hour then the previous five. All my fish where caught on the the method with micros and banded pellet.

In at 11 was match secretary Alan Bland. Poor Alan’s carp bashing methods seemed to have forsaken him. From peg 37 Mr Bland could only snare one carp, one of 10 lb 13 oz at that. His total came in at 16 lb 03 oz. When asked about methods employed his uttered words were “maggots and a lot of swearing”.

The lowest weight went to silvers guy David Nash. Finishing in at 12 place Mr Nash kept things simple by just employing ordinary waggler and using red maggot. Dave fished peg 22 for a weight of 14 lb 04 oz.

The final results.
The silvers table.

Once again this is a shorter post than usual as I am working on an article about the history of fishing the Bridgwater and Taunton canal which will hopefully be uploaded within the next few days.

So until then tight lines.

Pete C

Match fished On Tile Lake At the Sedges on 31st July 2021

First on the day was Carp maestro Eric Searle, put this guy on the right peg and bingo. He seems to go into overdrive and leaves every one in his wake. Today was no exception and from peg 25 which was also the golden peg smashed it with a very commendable weight of 139 lb 01 oz. His tactic was feeder to the island with pellet as bait.

A smiling Eric Knowing victory is at hand.

In second place was young Ian Grabham from Taunton. We have to keep an eye on this lad as he never seems to have a bad match and appears consistently in the top echelons of the results table. Today of of peg 37 Ian had a good total of 104 lb which included a nice carp of over 12 lb. He had two carp on the pole and paste but the vast majority of his catch was feeder to the island.

Mr Grabham we have to keep an eye on this Lad.

Mr Pete Curnow (for strangers to the blog, that’s me) found himself in uncharted territory by being 3rd in the results table, well saying that I did finish 3rd two matches back. But having relatively two short spaced placings is certainly a rarity. Well from peg 22 and using feeder and pellet to the island earned me a head spinning 81 lb 11 oz.

Yours truly.

Mr I am never far of the top found himself in 4th. One Steve Warren had a good day from peg 35. Steve kept things simple with pole and meat and found himself with a very good haul of 78 lb 04 oz.

Mr Steve Warren (left) with help from Rob Dodd.

In 5th place is a fella who seems to be suffering a bit of a lean spell. Rob Dodd normally resides in the top 3. But 5th place was where he finished today from peg 39. His total haul was a reasonable 75 lb 07 oz but not to be out done he obtained top silvers weight with a cracking 47 lb 07 oz. Rob fished the pole with maggot over ground bait.

Top silvers weight for Rob.

Mr Dave Colley our NHS hero who finished 6th was late getting to the match owing to traffic on the motorway. Dave who resides in Bristol left the motorway at Highbridge to try to make up for lost time but to no avail. He had peg 38 from which he managed to net 60 lb 01 oz from. Dave utilized pole and corn and at times feeder with pellet to the island.

7th was Alan Bland who fished peg 21 the first corner swim on the road side. Alan did struggle for bites but persevered and managed to eek out a descent weight from what seemed to be mediocre peg on the day. Pole paste and meat was the plan of attack that earned him a weight of 54 lb 12 oz. Not bad considering Alan went two and a half hours without a bite.

In 8th place we find Phil Dodd. Phil like Mr Colley arrived late and some one had to draw for him. When we got to his peg for the weigh in, he had packed up and gone. Hence I did not see him at all on the day. Mr steath indeed manged a weight of 52 lb 12 oz from peg 36. Knowing Mr dodd he probably used dead maggot on method feeder.

Silvers basher Paul Smith was 9th on peg 34. Pauls approach was pole, worm and soft pellet. Although finishing well down in the overall results he did have second top silvers weight. He managed to put on the scales 39 lb 07 oz.

Alan Jenkins who was next to me to my left on peg 23 enjoyed himself with a not to be snubbed at weight of 39 lb 07 oz. Alan who ended up in 10 th place employed mainly the feeder and pellet.

Dave Nash found himself on corner peg 40. Ending up at position number 11 he put on the scales 32 lb 01 oz. Just using top 3 with maggot and caster got him his weight.

Bob Pascoe finished in 12th with a weight of 27 lb 07 oz . From peg 24 on the roadside veteran Bob caught his carp on sweetcorn and his silvers on pole and maggot.

Another angling veteran fishing on the day was bee keeper Tony Richards. Ending up in 13th spot from peg 32. Tony put a weight of 18 lb 04 oz on the scales. In his own words it was “caster, meat and feeder”.

The results Table.
Top silvers.

Way back in the mid to late nineties a series of VHS videos called The Compleat Angler were produced by a company called Artsmagic ltd. This was series of angling videos presented by top rated anglers covering certain topics within our beloved sport. Different videos in the series became available every two weeks in newsagents and if memory serves me right I think there was twelve in all.

There is one particular video in this series that should strike a chord with local anglers in the Bridgwater area. The aptly named Stoned With Hemp. This video was made on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal at Smithies. Mike Stone who at the time was an England Squad member presents this little gem and shows the ins and outs of fishing hemp. The running time is approximately 60 minutes. Now I did buy the video at the time but unfortunately over time it has become lost. However as luck would have it I came across a copy on E bay and had it converted it to DVD. Now folks I would love to down load it to You Tube but I am erring on the side of caution here reference copy right laws. But to give you lovely people a insight I have have taken a few screen shots. I will look in it to see if it is possible to put it on You Tube.

I had the pleasure last Tuesday to talk to the ex chairman of Bridgwater Angling Association one Mr John Hill. I paid him a visit and what should of been an half hour chat turned into a hour and a half chinwag. The highlight of this meeting was that John who is a sprightly 87 lent me a booklet for me to copy by a guy called Harry Sutton entitled The Bridgwater Angling Association And Some Remarks About The local Fishing Over Many Years. Yep that’s the Full title all 14 words. Well it’s intriguing reading and I shall put some extracts in a post or posts on the subject of the history of the Bridgwater Angling Association in the near future. So it’s a case of watch this space.

Well that’s all for now so it’s tight lines to one and all.

Pete C

Match fished At Sedges Canal Lake on 19 June 2021.

Honestly it must be like playing whack a mole being a committee member of the Bridgwater Angling Association and for the water management team of Dunwear ponds. Go back a couple years and the Railway pond was given a major face lift, much effort was put in to hacking, chopping, cutting and good old fashion spade work to make the pond usable again. The Railway pond at the time was in what could only be described as in a terminal state of decay. There was only a couple usable swims left and three quarters of the pond was inaccessible owing to mother nature having her say. The far bank was prepared for the implementation of pallets to be installed.

But a problem reared its ugly head soon after, the unwanted arrival of Water Primrose . It took two intense efforts to eradicate this unwanted menace, but the battle was won. A month or two later and the the proposed platforms where installed on the far bank. The date of June the 16th 2021 was the date that was decided to open the pond up for fishing and the indeed for match fishing.

But once again as though it was predestined another situation occurred which was going to thwart the local angling fraternity. This time it was caused by the biological and psychological factors of the fish themselves. It appeared that the libido of the fish had upped a gear and at the beginning of the month the fish had started spawning, so and quite rightly so the angling committee decided to close the all the ponds at Dunwear for a month. So once again due to unforeseen circumstances the fishing was put on the back burner. So then there is no fishing now until July the 1st.

Okay people can live with that, no problems. But alias nature it seemed had put another trick on the table, that of the dreaded blue green algae. It first appeared in the big pond but has now emerged with all its nastiest in Railway pit, which I must say had been hit by this scrum particularly bad. So now fishing depends on when this algae decides to disperse.

It’s a pain in the ass because not only does it stop anglers from fishing it has a detrimental on the water itself.

As algae blooms, it can depletes the water of its natural oxygen. This lack of oxygen can lead to a dead zone or an area where aquatic plants and animals cannot survive.

It is very toxic, blue-green algae or cyanobacteria (a good word to have in scrabble) — can cause serious illness in humans and pets. Sicknesses such as these that are caused by algae are known as Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) associated illnesses. So the question is, what causes this bloody stuff?

The causes

The combination of factors that trigger and sustain an algal bloom is not well understood at present and it is not possible to attribute algal blooms to any specific factor. (this sounds like is a cop out from the scientists).


Nutrients promote and support the growth of algae . Excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to run-off from the land is considered a major factor. The main culprits are phosphorus and nitrogen.

In the landscape, runoff and soil erosion from fertilized agricultural areas and lawns, erosion from river banks, river beds, land clearing , and sewage effluent are the major sources of phosphorus and nitrogen entering water ways. All of these are considered major factors

Internal origin of nutrients comes from the lake/reservoir sediments. Phosphate attaches to sediments. When dissolved oxygen concentration is low in the water , sediments release phosphate into the water column. This phenomenon encourages the growth of algae


Early blue–green algal blooms usually develop during the spring when water temperature is higher and there is increased light. The growth is sustained during the warmer months of the year. Water temperatures above 25°C are optimal for the growth of algae. At these temperatures, blue–green algae have a competitive advantage over other types of algae whose optimal growth temperature is lower (12-15°C).

Light Exposure and Water Movement

Along with food, algae require the right amount of light to thrive. Blue-green algae are so common because they have the ability to move throughout the water column and adapt to variable conditions. Algae will typically grow around the shoreline of a pond or lake because this is where the shallower water is.  You typically will not see algae growing in the middle of a 20 foot deep water body because that is too deep for the sunlight to penetrate.

Stable Conditions

Most of blue–green algae prefer stable water conditions with low flows, long retention times, light winds and minimal turbulence; other prefer mixing conditions and turbid environments (this could be applicable to big pit in Dunwear).


Turbidity is caused by the presence of suspended particles and organic matter (flocs) in the water column. High turbidity occurs when a lot of water is running through the system (high discharge after a rain event). Low turbidity occurs when there is only a small amount of suspended matter present in the water column. Low turbidity can be due to slow moving or stagnant water that allows suspended articles to settle out of the water column. When turbidity is low, more light can penetrate through the water column. This creates optimal conditions for algal growth. In return, growing algae create a turbid environment.

Taking in to account the above, why is Dunwear prone to this nuisance. Well could it be to do with run off from the railway tracks or the industrial estate next to Railway pond which is on Dunwear lane. Also bear in mind that there is a ditch that joins the Railway pond to the river Parrett which runs parallel to the industrial estate. Owing to the configuration of the Railway pond it does not really get a lot of wind on it. So called run of, and lack of chop on the water could be the main causes.

But what of big pit? Stand on the bank on big pit which backs on to south pit with a strong westerly wind and you notice quite a chop on the water. Well how does fit in with the above assumptions? Well after a bit of research I found that clay pits are very prone to algae blooms, owing to the fact that clay itself has a lot of locked in nutrients. Ask any gardener.

These nutrients can be unlocked by fish just rooting along the bottom or bank erosion which is common back of South pit. There is a lot of nooks, crannies, bays and little inlets in big pond which could be deemed ideal conditions. Scientist agree that one of the main effects is global warming and a chilling piece of information is that algae blooms are increasing 18 percent year on year. Will it happen again at Dunwear, who knows it’s just a case of watch this space.

Sedges Match held on canal lake.

Two weeks since the last match (cor done it go quick) and a certain subset of society who gather under the banner of Watchet angling club met once again and attempted to delve into the art of match fishing. There were 15 hardy souls of varying degrees of sanity who decided to throw their hat into the ring and give it ago.

1st on the day with a healthy weight of 41 lb 8oz was Rob Dodd. Rob who had been out of sorts lately found form again from car park peg 45. Bait employed was corn and maggot over pellet.

Just missing out on a few bob was 2nd placed Alan Bland. Alan pulled out of the hat peg 42 which happened to be the golden peg. Meat was the main bait and long pole and down the margin was his tactics.

Nigel Coram done well for 3rd spot from unfancied peg 53. He used pole at 13 meters and meat.

4th spot went to Steve Warren who fished pole from car park peg 43. In his own words “I had everything on meat” Mr Warren had top silvers weight of 13 lb 10oz so well done to him.

Phil Dodd who had favoured peg 41 came 5th. Phillip employed his usual tactic of method feeder with dead maggot.

Finding himself at number 6 was Paul smith. Paul who had peg 64 amassed a total of 26 lb 15 oz. Paul had 2 Carp on the tip and the rest on pole and maggot.

New kid on the block Ian Grabham was 7th, he had an okay day from peg 60 with a very respectable weight of 21 lb 07 oz. Maggots on the pole and fishing shallow with pellet got him his weight. Good old Ian brought some lovely chocolate cookies for the members to share, Good on yer mate.

Ian Townsend from peg 57 struggled until the last hour when he had a few Carp. Ian was placed at 8.

Bob Pascoe the silvers man had a bit of an odd day in that he had 1 oz in the sivers department, but made up for it in Carp Bob was placed 9th from peg 62.

Tony Richards who although in poor health bit the bullet and turned up. Tony had a torrid 5 hours without a bite but landed a few Carp more or less right at the end. Peg 51 was his home for the day and he finished in 10th.

11th position went to Dave Nash, he kept things simple with pole and maggot from peg 63.

Good old Alan Jenkins who is not in the best of health these day put in a spirited effort for 12th place. Alan mainly used the pole with various baits such as maggots worm and caster oh and meat. This was from peg 47.

At 13th place was yours truly from peg 49. Now a lot of anglers did not have most of their fish until the last hour. I managed to get my fish going straight from the start but there was just one problem, just a small problem you might say. All my fish was small, I even had 2 Carp and even they where small. I never worry about the big things, just the small things.

Last time out winner Eric Searle had better days. From peg 55 he didn’t catch much thus found himself in penultimate place.

Last but not least was NHS hero Dave Colley from peg 59. This guy does not seem to care about being the wooden spoonist as long as he still has the ability to wear a smile.

The final table.
The top five silver weights.

I know this blog post is later than usual but this was due to unforeseen circumstances.

The next match will be at Shiplate on Hawthorns on Saturday July 3rd so see you then.

So in the mean time don’t forget guys to change your clothes.

Tight lines

Pete C.

Matched Fished at Sedges brick Lake 22/05/2021

On Saturday 22nd of May 2021 Watchet Angling Club was once again used as cover for a covert meeting for some of the southwest most notorious undesirables. Subjects discussed ranged from embezzlement to making use of the dark web. The venue for this meeting of criminal minds was Sedges Brick lake. After tips and suggestions where swapped to increase ones ill gotten gains. it was time to carry on with the deception and delve in to the art of match fishing.

Discussions taking place about the benefits of brothel ownership.

The intellect and finesse of Denise managed to persuade the club members that it was better to chose the swims for the match by selecting numbered balls from a bucket instead of an all in brawl.

First on the day and in his usual position was top rod or should I say top pole because that’s what he always uses, was none other than the man himself Rob Dodd. Fishing corner peg 11 Rob fished to his right with long pole with baits corn and maggot over pellet for 77 lb 12 oz.

Mr Dodd the winner.

Second spot with 53 lb 04 oz went to new kid on the block Mr Steve Warren. Steve who fished peg number 1 had most of his action in the last hour. Steve fished meat and pole in the margins.

New kid Steve who was 2nd.

Ian Townsend found himself in third spot with a haul of 44 lb 6 oz from peg 4. Pole at 8 meters with sweetcorn on the hook was his method.

Mr T who got 3rd, weighing in.

Fourth position was relatively new kid on the block Nigel Coram on peg 14. Nige alternated between pole and feeder and main bait was wait for it banana and strawberry paste. Uhm. Mr Coram put 42 lb 4oz on the scales.

Nigel Coram who had 4th.

Match secretary Alan Bland occupied fifth from peg 12 using his beloved paste and meat on the pole. His catch was 37 lb 07 oz.

Alan Bland with his net of fish.

Dave Nash was sixth with a weight of 24 lb 13 oz. Top silvers bagger used single and double maggot on top 3 and 6 meters. From peg 18 Dave managed the top silvers weight.

Top slivers bagger Dave Nash He does like posing for the camera you know.

Paul Smith who was seventh like Dave Nash just had an all silvers weight from peg 5 of 23 lb 12 oz. Method employed was mainly pole at varying distances swapping between dead red maggot and caster. Paul had the 2nd highest silvers weight.

Paul Smith with 2nd top silvers.

Tucked away in the corner on peg 20 was veteran Bob Pascoe. Using pole and maggot at varying distances managed a weight of 21 lb 14 oz. Bob finished in eighth place.

A smiling Bob Pascoe.

Ninth position was laid back angler Phil Dodd who employed his tried and trusted method of feeder and dead red maggot of peg 17. Phil put 18 lb 10 oz on the scales.

Phil Dodd (right) explaining how he made a few quid by getting around the Iranian arms embargo.

NHS hero Dave Colley fishing corner peg number 10 fished the pole and maggot and caught 14 lb 13oz for his efforts.

The grinning NHS hero Dave Colley.

Here we are again, last again but and it’s a big but, but for one calamitous moment things could of been a little bit different. Around about 2.45 float goes under and before I could strike the elastic starts shooting out. And for next ten minutes this Carp gave me the bloody run around. 3lb bottom and a size 18 hook ain’t much help in these situations but fate would have it and I use the word fate here in the strongest possible terms. I managed to land it. It is in the landing net and on my lap. Paul Smith to my right on the next peg stood up and had a look , this carp is a fair old size. “do you think I stood put it on the Scales ?” I asked Paul (Any fish weighing 15 lb or more has to be weighed, the weight recorded and the fish put back, no fish bigger than 15 lb to be put in keep nets). “can’t quite quite see from here” Paul said “Better err on the side of caution”. With that this beast of a Carp decided that he had spent enough time in the landing net told me to go forth and jump out the net back in to the water. Bast**d. This disastrous episode happened on peg 6. I fished most of the time with red maggot at 12 meters. My weight and by the way I did bother to weigh in was 6 lb 13 oz.

This is me on the left weighing in minus a bloody big Carp.
The results table.

The top slivers table.

We had some bad news before the draw. We were informed by Paul Smith that our dear old friend and club member Alan Jenkins was taken to Musgrove hospital (I believe Friday just gone) suffering from pneumonia. I did get in touch with Alan through Face book and he’d seemed perky enough and seems to be recovering slowly.

Get well soon friend from all of us.

This was unfortunately Dave Gartenfeld’s (r) last match with the club. The reason being is that he is going to spend more time with his wife down in Devon in his caravan, Where apparently there is a nice fishing lake on the campsite. Hopefully we will see this die hard Birmingham city supporter again if he decides to fish as a guest.

I am pleased to say that work at Dunwear ponds is coming to fruition in terms of the development of the railway pit. Nine pallets has now been installed on the far bank and I have been informed by the Bridgwater Angling Association chairman Nigel Gillard that the Railway pit come match lake will be ready for June 16th this year. It will be interesting to see how this project will pan out. I really do hope that this adventure will be successful. The time and effort that has been put in to get this of the ground has been enormous and on this basis it deserves to be a great success.

The pallets now installed on Railway pit. Sorry for the crappy photos.

Yep it that time of the year again, for this coming Saturday is the first round of the Bait Tech cup. Both Watchet teams, the black team and the red team are drawn against Cwmbran Nobblers. The venue for this jolly old threesome is Avalon.

The next club match will be the week after on Saturday June 5th at Trinity.

Until next time have fun.

Pete C.

The Match on Brick lake The Sedges 10th October 2020

This is my pride and joy, this stands head and shoulders with my birth certificate and the deeds of my house. This is the first trophy for match fishing yours truly had won. 2nd place in the canal cup for Bridgwater juniors. One overcast day way way back in September 1977 armed with a 6 foot spinning rod, a black prince reel, 6 lb line, a under shot 3 swan antenna float, with size 10 hook and some grubby old maggots managed to catch a 1 lb 8 oz bream who was probably out all night in the reed beds getting stoned. The venue for this minor triumph was the Bridgwater and Taunton canal at North Newton. This was the place last Thursday the 8th October that me and a very good friend of mine John Hughes decided to fish. John as many of you will realise used to hang around behind the counter of Somerset Angling.

Gear unpacked from the car of we both trundled to the waters edge. Well that was the plan. To find the waters edge took longer than expected. We were both greeted by a water suffering from decline. A decline from what was a great little venue. This once was a flag ship water a place deemed worthy enough for the young budding fishing tribe from our street to attach one’s rod to the cross bar of one’s bike and to burden one’s back with wicker basket and cycle the 4 or so miles in convey to the water of plenty.

An affluence of swims welcomed the angler a water with upkeep attached. Many a fishing has taken place on its banks many a tale has been created by pleasure and match angler alike. But that as they say is history and now with the advent of modern thinking of the powers to be. The thoughts of the higher eschelons of who from their sanitized world make the rules and bow to hard line environmentalist who limited ideas reach as far as sod the angler and let every thing be turned over to nature. This stretch is now in a very dilapidated state of existence an item of neglect. It can’t even be called attractive to one eyes. Don’t these people with curtailed intellect realize that angling and nature can exist in an harmonized state. I think not. But life it seems goes on.

John Hughes with a 4lb Tench caught on the day from North Newton.

Anyhow with a little bit of a reconnaissance we managed to find 2 places to fish and to chill out .

We were joined later by a dear old friend that of on certain Roger Goodenough. Roger as they say is the angling equivalent of old school and who fishing style is no holds barred. His plan of attack today to lure any type of specimen was a size 8 hook single lob worm 8lb line straight through and his trusty centre pin reel. ( see what I mean no holds barred). Your may scratch your head at this unrefined approach but believe me Roger whose fishing haunts includes the remote abodes of the King Sedgemoor Drain and his favourite venue the small basin of the Bridgwater docks has had his fair share of whoopers.

John talking to angling stalwart Roger Goodenough.

The Match

When venue expert Rob Dodd tells you that the pond is of and just under 3 lb won the silvers in the last match In Robs own words “the lake has just switched off” you know that it’s going to be tough and boy was he right.

1st on the day fishing from corner peg number 20 was none other than maestro Paul Smith. Mr Smith fished straight out in front of him at 13 meters with worm and maggots for a reasonable haul (considering conditions) of 37 lb 06 oz.

2nd with a Carp only catch was Carp expert Eric Searle who fished feeder and pellet from peg 11, he managed to put on the scales 35 lb 04 oz.

3rd was Rob Dodd who only fished the pole. Fishing at 11 meters with double red maggot over ground bait managed a catch of 23 lb 03 oz from peg 9

Bob Pascoe occupied 4th spot from peg 6 with a catch of 17 lb 11 oz this reasonable weight was achieved by fishing top five with maggot.

5th placed from peg 12 was veteran fag smoker Alan Bland who accumulated an acceptable weight of 14 lb 02 oz all done on pole and maggot.

Using meat and pole and getting out of jail with a carp of 7 lb 08 oz was Dave Gartenfeld on peg 14 with 6th place, he did not have his first bite until well over 2 hours in to the match his total for the day was 11 lb 09 oz.

In 7th was veteran Phil Dodd who on the micro feeder obtained 11 lb 03 oz the bait was maggot and the peg was number 8.

Yours truly occupied 8th position this was mission accomplished as after the disaster of the last match, I did not want the bloody wooden spoon again. On peg 10 I achieved a weight of 6 lb 11 oz. I had a small Carp on feeder with corn but the bulk of the fish was caught on pole and maggot at 11 meters. (not last Yea).

9th was NHS hero Dave Colley who on peg 15 managed to scrape together a weight of 4 lb 09 oz all on short pole and maggot. Dave did have a nice Perch about a pound.

10th placed was Slivers basher Dave Nash who struggled throughout, Dave fished 2 and 1/2 meters with maggot for a weight of 3 lb 15 oz. For Dave, just to get this conditions must of been bad.

Alan Jenkins did not have a bite through out the match but gave a stiff upper lip and persevered until the bitter end. Good on yer mate for sticking it out.

Ian townsend was in the same boat and did not have a bite but packed up 30 minutes before the match hence mate you get the Abingdon Town FC award (see post Watchet Angling Club Winter League Match 5 11/01/2020)

The dates for the one of matches for the winter has now been confined and the list is shown below.

On the next blog I will publish the whereabouts and how to get to middle bridge on the Cripps river for people who not familiar with the place.

The next match is at Sumerhayes on Longs on october 24th.

Until then tight lines and don’t forget to shower or bath. ( I didn’t come last Yea).

Pete C

The Sedges Tile lake 01/08/2020

Do this, do that , use this method, employ that tactic, don’t fish there, but fish there. Not that bait but this bait, fish on the bottom, don’t forget the upper layers. Waggler, pole and feeder. OH BLOODY HELL. This was the advice given to me by very creditable and capable anglers before the start of the match. Well with all this information coming at me in all directions I employed the KISS tactic. KISS is an acronym used in the advertising industry and it stands for keep it simple silly. So I just used the pole. But while I was fishing away during the match my mind wandered to the time I was doing a course with the Open University way way back in the late 80’s.

Every 2 weeks the people in the local area who was on the course would meet up at Taunton College for evening lectures. It was at one of these lectures I became friends with a very well to do lady called Wendy Langley. Wendy was indeed very upper class but also had the very good grace to lower one standards considerably to talk to some one like me. In fact we became very good friends, but unfortunately Wendy is no longer with us. But one of my fondest memories of her was when she told me a true story of a problem that the Bridgwater and Taunton canal boating association in which she was secretary had on the canal. A situation a bit like my fishing experience that I was having. A seemingly complex situation at first but had a simple solution. The culprit was a gas pipe that went over the canal which was located just beyond Bowerings. It was to low for some of the newer boats to go under.

So meeting upon meeting was set up about how to solve the problem. It was decided that a feasibility study at great cost should go ahead to see if a solution could be found. The conclusion was that the gas pipe could be relocated underneath the canal. So once again at great cost plans were drawn up and contractors were sought for the job in hand. The relevant people were contacted such as the council and the civil authorities for permission to close the footpath etc. Everything was set, a day had been chosen for the work to begin. However it then occurred to the people of the boating association that the gas board should be informed, well after all it is their gas pipe. The gas board was contacted and the situation was explained.

The people at the gas board was confused about the whole state of affairs and the pipe line itself. So to make matters come to light and to try to clarify the situation a senior gas engineer was dispatched to meet the members of the association at the pipe line on the canal. The engineer looked at pipe from different angles and decided that it was indeed a gas pipe line. He opened a brief case that he had with him and took out a map. With his finger on the map he followed the route of the canal until their position at which point he looked rather puzzled . “uhm strange, some thing odd here I have to go and make a phone call I noticed a call box on my way here won’t be long”. (1980’s no mobiles). The association members loitered around waiting for his return. “oy scuse me” came a voice from above. The members heads turned towards the top of the bank. It was the engineer who’d arrived back “ just found out, that pipe hasn’t been used for donkeys years it’s disused just cut it down and sell for scrap. See you”.

Now the morale of the story is, that if this gas engineer is still alive and is a angler with his simplistic approach he can give me advice any time.

The Results

First on the day was Eric Searle with a very good weight of 93 lb 09 oz His main tactic was pellet feeder. During the week he was so mixed in his thoughts about what tactics to employ in this match he forgot to have a hair cut. This hippy type creature fished peg 35.

Eric (middle) looking at his fish being weighed knowing victory has been achieved.

2nd was paste maestro Alan Bland on peg 38. Owing to the wind conditions though he could not employ his favourite method hence he used a variety of other different baits and had a few in the margins. His weight was a chunky 73 lb 04 oz.

Alan Bland who got 2nd.

3rd was Brum city supporter Dave Gartenfeld. In his own words, what ever bait he put on the hook the fish took it. Dave fished mostly the pole in the margins. Peg 40 was Dave peg his weight of fish was 64 lb 15 oz.

Dave Gartenfeld pleased with his 3rd.

4th Rob Dodd achieved top four by way of once again having a cracking bag of silvers which came to 37 lb 01 oz. Rob had 80% of his fish on pole fished maggot. His total weight was 52 lb 09 oz from peg 24.

5th place went to happy go lucky our one and only NHS hero Dave Colley who amassed a weight of 50 lb 10 oz. From peg 39. Pole and maggot was the tactic employed

6th was Paul Smith on peg 23 who collected a total weight of 49 lb 13 oz. Maggot was his main bait on top 2 + 3.

7th Bob Pascoe who used pole and corn on peg 27 done better than he expected by putting 43 lb 09 oz on the scales.

8th was top sweet pea grower Pete King. Pole and pellet was the key to his weight of 38 lb 06 oz on peg 22.

9th It was simple pole tactics at 12 meters with worm as the main bait for yours truly. The weight obtained was 35 lb 14 oz. Corner peg 21 was my home for the match.

10th was feeder king Phil Dodd on peg 36 . Phil had a different approach today and employed the waggler for 33 lb 02 oz.

11th with a very respectable catch of 31 lb 05oz was angling veteran Alan Jenkins. Mr J tempted his fish mainly with the pole on meat and maggot from peg 33.

12th was none other than Dave Nash, this guy weighed in a total of 29 lb 10 oz from peg 32. Pole and red was the method.

13th place went to out of sorts Ian Townsend, Ian who normally finds himself in the top half, caught most of his fish in the last hour. Fishing peg 26 his weight totaled 29 lb 10 oz. Pole and corn was what was used.

14th place was taken by one Wally Adcock. Making a very rare guest appearance Wally fished for silvers and tempted 12 lb 13oz in to the net from peg 31.

15th position went to newcomer Dave Searle, Dave struggled from peg 30 for a weight of 4 lb 07oz.

16th was Dave Gartenfeld’s grandson Ashley Johnson. Ash had a challenging day of of peg 28 for a bottom weight of 3lb 04 oz, But promised grandad he will do better next time.

At the end of the day.
The rankings before this match.

The next match is at Avalon (singles and points) on Saturday 15th August so see you there.

Tight lines

Pete C

The Sedges Canal Lake 20-06-2020

It appears to me that this is a Marmite venue you either like it or you don’t and me being the glass is half full type person. I like it, I like it a lot. This indeed is a place of variation no two pegs are the same, each with its own characteristics with its nooks and crannies, little bays and inlets, coves and crevices, it as though each swim has its own story to tell. Each with a smattering of trees, bushes, rushes, and a mingling of shade and shadow. To me this lake oozes welcome a welcome of come and join me. One can well imagine spending a nice warm summers day fishing on this charming lake, fishing and chilling. Taking in, taking in what nature has engraved, to indulge one’s self with the buzz of insects and the twittering of birds and to delve into the realms of expectation, the expectation of what one might catch. To linger with one’s thoughts and dreams and to cloak oneself in this rustic setting. The angling great Richard Walker once said of catching a Crucian Carp, he likened it to playing a trick on a jolly little fellow. One can only speculate the environment in which he was when he conjured up this little phrase. A phrase concocted from a mellow type of fishing, a type of fishing which surely awaits at this little gem of a lake.

The canal lake Sedges.
The Sedges Canal lake looking at peg 53
Bob Pascoe and Dave Colley.
Eric Searle
Ian Townsend and Dave Searle

The match results .

1st on the Day was none other than veteran roll up fag smoker, chuck and chance feeder specialist Phil Dodd. Phil used his favourite method the feeder to tempt his fish. His predominantly used a small worm as bait. He weighed in 42lb 05oz.

2nd who was in favoured peg 41 was the one and only Alan Bland. Alan used pole only and his baits was meat and his much beloved paste. Alan put on the scales 33lb 14oz.

3rd on the day was angling power house Mr Paul Smith. His method was the pole and maggot approach, fishing mostly in the margins. Unfortunately Paul had a mishap when he (and in his own words) hooked a munter ie a very big carp which broke his top 2 pole kit. For his efforts Pauls weight was 33lb 06oz.

4th with 32lb 03oz was Ian Townsend on an end peg 53. Ian fished the far side with meat and pole.

5th place was Rob Dodd who had a bit of an of day owing to the fact that he was not in the top 3. This was just a minor hiccup one suspects, but never or less a creditable weight of 26lb 02oz was not to be sniffed at. The method employed was the pole and varies bait at varies distances.

6th was Birmingham city supporter Dave Gartenfeld who drew out peg 64. He fished the pole to the island and in the margins and had all his fish on meat. His day had a bit of a downside owing to the fact he lost 4 rigs. But never or less managed to find 21lb 07oz for the scales.

7th Was (now a Bristol resident) Dave Colley. Dave teased 20lb 04oz in to his net. He employed the pole with sweetcorn and maggot. All his Carp came to maggot though.

8th spot was taken by Dave Nash who just employed his top 2 and maggot for 15lb 11oz.

9th place was occupied by new kid on the block Dave Searle. This new kiddie fished the far side with meat and pole and managed to eek out 12lb 01oz from peg 59.

10th was yours truly. I was on peg 57 Not the best in my humble opinion. I had 10 bites in total which equated in to 3 golden Tench and 1 nice skimmer for a total weight of 7lb. Used meat and expander pellet. I had 3rd silvers, won a fiver.

11th was out of form Eric Searle who could only muster a weight of 6lb 13oz from peg 52. Eric used maggot and pole. But it’s a case of watch this space.

12th Was flower power man Pete King. Fishing on peg 43 Pete could only tempt 5lb 07oz of fish. He employed the pole and mostly meat.

13th was it seemed out of sorts Bob Pascoe who’s normal place in the run of things is normally in the top half of the table. Bob could only collect 3lb, all on meat and pole.

14th was dear old Alan Jenkins with and dare I say it a meagre 08oz but mate there is always next time.

15th went to relative new comer who Ashley Johnson who dry netted and spoke of having only 6 bites. Kick ass next time mate.

Phil Dodd
Alan Bland and Paul Smith.
Pete king and Dave Colley.
1stPhil Dodd2lb 10oz39lb 11oz42lb 05oz63
2ndAlan BlandNone33lb 14oz33lb 14oz41
3rdPaul Smith9lb 14oz23lb 08oz33lb 06oz61
4thIan Townsend1lb 03oz31lb32lb 03oz53
5thRob Dodd9lb 12oz16lb 06oz26lb 02oz45
6thDave Gartenfeld1lb 03oz20lb 04oz21lb 07oz64
7thDave Colley6lb 01oz14lb 03oz20lb 04oz44
8thDave Nash4lb 6oz11lb 05oz15lb 11oz47
9thDave Searle2lb 11oz9lb 06oz12lb 01oz59
10thPete Curnow7lbNone7lb57
11thEric Searle12oz6lb 01oz6lb 13oz52
12thPete King1lb 07oz4lb5lb 07oz43
13thBob Pascoe2lb 03oz13oz3lb42
14Alan Jenkins7ozNone08oz50
DNWAshley Johnson

Just to say this coming weekend the Watchet mob will be split into two teams, Watchet Black and Watchet Red, for the Bait Tech cup competition.

Watchet Black will be away to Exeter at Kia Ora lake near Cullumpton.

Watchet Red will be away to Bath Spartans at lower ponds near Peasedown St John.

Good luck to everyone and tight lines.

Pete C

Winter league match The Sedges Brick lake 07/03/2020.

The 7th of March 2020 and the members of the Watchet angling club do battle once again, in this the finale of the Watchet angling winter league. The venue is none other than one of the best fisheries in the south west The Sedges. When ever I think of this well run fishery my mind drifts back to the year 1980. Some facts of the 1980.

Prime minister was Margaret Thatcher.

Jimmy Carter was president of the United States.

Liverpool were champions of the football league.

Nottingham Forrest won the European cup.

West Ham beat Arsenal to win the FA cup.

Middlesex won the county championship.

Wimbledon was won by Bjorn Borg and for the ladies the winner was Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

The SAS stormed the Iranian embassy to end the terrorist siege.

And earth was saved from an alien invasion by a moon base, spacecraft with missiles, a fleet of submarines, track vehicles and a bloke with a blonde wig with a weird looking car. O come on people it true I saw it on the telly. Honest. LOOK

1980 is important to me because it was the year that I left school. It was in my terms the long hot summer, The summer of freedom. The time of change. The age of expectation. The future of choice beckoned.

Now one of things that stick in my mind from this tranquil period of happiness was fishing in south pit of Dunwear ponds with a friend of mine Chris Irish. We were fishing away and soaking up the atmosphere of the hope of catching, when one of Chris friends arrived. This friend had the physique of a well toned gorilla, the tattoos of an hells angel and the manner and charm of mister nice guy.

The conversation went a bit like this

Chris’s mate “I’m going fishing tomorrow”

Me “where”

The arrow marks the spot where the swim me and Chris was in south pit behind big pond.

Chris’s mate “Dunwear”

Me “which pond”

Chris’s mate “don’t know the ponds haven’t got names”

Me Rather puzzled “This is South pond, behind us is big pond over there next to the car park is Tench pit which joins on North and the one on the right coming in from Sedgemoor road is Railway pit”

Chris’s mate” yea I know” he replied with a smirk.

Chris at this point was just as confused as me “Which Dunwear are you on about then”

Chris’s mate “The one in Dunwear village the old chicken farm Arrigonis”

He went on to explain the directions of how to get there. “out of the car park turn right on to Dunwear lane under the motorway bridge follow the road around along the banks of the Parrett just pass the industrial estate there a lane next to a bungalow. Knock on the door pay a pound then go up the lane and there you are”.

After Chris’s mate left we carried on fishing for a bit then decided to pack up early and investigate. Thanks to the directions given we had no problems finding the lane and bungalow. We decided the next day to give it ago. We did and the rest is history.

The Sedges 40 year ago like most other things was far different than it is today. The canal lake did not exist. The entrance was in a different place and at most there where from memory 10 or 12 swims.

The black arrow indicates where the entrance to the lane was. The blue is the bungalow and the red is where the lane ended.
This is how I remember the Sedges from 40 year ago. The green represent the path. Trust me folks the path up the middle was rough you just couldn’t take a trolley up there. The black crosses are the swims.

The first time we fished the sedges we were amazed, we were surprised, we were excited and we were chuffed. We had found the ponds of plenty and the lakes of abundance. This was a world apart from Dunwear ponds a place we knew so well, but Dunwear seemed to be a angling hangout in decline. Catches were poor and most swims seemed to be devoid of fish. The chances of catching a decent haul were slim. But in contrast the Sedges was how I envisaged angling should be. Okay it wasn’t a fish a chuck, but the fish were there. The average catch were skimmers between 4oz and ½ lb. And some times you had a net of 20 or more. It was around this time that I was a fan of probably one of the greatest angler that had ever lived. The one and only Ivan Marks, now in one of his books he mentioned about if the fishing is not so great try experimenting, alter your depth a little bit, change your shot around or a combination of both, Now if you did this in a swim that had no fish just like a lot of swims in Dunwear at that time well it didn’t matter, it was pointless. But going to a place like Sedges with fish aplenty it was an eye opener. When bites were beginning to tail off or were none existent a little bit of changing things around, 9 times out of 10 would bring results. But just to see this happen was encouraging. How many people who in their youth fished places with poor stocks only to be disappointed and hence drifted away to other sports and past times. I dare say if it wasn’t for a chance meeting with Mr well built nice guy with the tattoos in South pit Dunwear who told of the where abouts of Sedges I would have probably gone the same way, So you see I owe it to the Sedges for me still fishing today. So I hope you can now grasp that when I fish the Sedges my mind some time wonders back to that interlude in my youth between school and work and my angling enlightenment in a time of Maggie Thatcher, Jimmy Carter and a guy in a blonde wig. Good old Sedges long may you reign.

Enough of me going down memory lane there was the matter of a fishing match to report. First of all the turnout was very good with 4 guests joining the fun. The weather was dry and a wind was blowing up the pond from the main car park end to wards the canal lake. The sky was heavy laden with cloud.

Top weight was Mr consistent the one and only Rob Dodd. He had a weight of 18lb 14 oz, top man fished at 11 meters with double red maggot and double pinkie over ground bait, from peg 24.

2nd place was veteran angler John Barker whose fish tipped the scales at 17lb 12oz. John tempted his fish at just 4 meters on maggot. Mr Barker was on peg 27.

3rd was the winner of the winter league which he managed to achieve from winning the last match on the canal Paul Smith. In theory he did have to turn to claim the league but he thought he would turn up and do a bit of show boating. Paul had a catch of 9lb 9oz which was achieved by fishing at 13 meters on maggot. His catch included two nice Perch, the biggest weighed 2lb 7oz. Good one mate. All this of of peg 21 which wasn’t fancied much.

4th place went to one of the fairer sex, one of the guests Clare Middleton. This charming lady happens to be the daughter of Paul Smith. Clare was pegged next to her dad on peg 22. She put a respectable weight of 8lb 4oz on the scales. Clare revealed she fished at 11 meters with maggot and also had a inside line in which she feed caster. Well done my dear.

5th Was yours truly I drew out peg 29 and was immediately told that that in the last 3 matches this was the top slivers peg. (well lets give another peg a chance then). Owing to having a bad back I left the pole at home and opted to fish the ground bait feeder. My weight was 8lb 1 oz this consisted of 5 skimmer and one small roach. I had 2 skimmers fishing towards the island and 3 skimmers at 11 meters. The bait was double pinkie.

6th was another guest Ian Townsend who was on peg 38 which meant that Ian was up the middle on his own. Ian did try to fish the pole at length but owing to the wind he feared for the safety of his pole, so opted to fish at 4 meters with expander pellet. Ian weight in 7lb 8oz.

7th Was Dave Nash who was on peg 23 and had 5lb of fish. Heavens know what methods were employed because as soon as the whistle went for full time he was off like a shoot I have never known some one to pack up so quickly. The rumour was that some one had told him that his bank was on fire and had to save his cash.

8th Eric Searle had 4 bites in total and weighed in 4lb 15 oz. He fished the pole at 11 meters with maggot. Eric fished on peg 25.

9th was Dave Gartenfeld whose net was 4lb 8oz. Dave struggled on the pole and after a couple hours switched to the feeder and fished near the island for most of his fish. Mr Gartenfeld was next to me on peg 28.

10th place was Alan Bland with 4lb 4oz on peg 26.

11th was Alan Jenkins on peg 30 who could muster a few bites but no fish. Hence did DNW. Alan mate there is always next time.

Position angler weight peg
1st Rob Dodd 18lb 4oz 24
2nd John Barker 17lb 12oz 27
3rd Paul Smith 9lb 9oz 21
4th Clare Middleton 8lb 4oz 22
5th Pete Curnow 8lb 1oz 29
6th Ian Townsend 7lb 8oz 38
7th Dave Nash 5lb – 23
8th Eric Searle 4lb 15oz 25
9th Dave Gartenfeld 4lb 8oz 28
10th Alan Bland 4lb 4oz 26
11th Alan Jenkins DNW 30
A big thank you to this guy Jamie Cook who done the weigh in, Which he does for every match. I can’t believe he been the owner of Sedges since Feb 2007.
Note Denise who is an avid reader with a copy of War and Peace.

The Bait Tech cup round one draw.

Jinx v HLS Dads army v Watchet AC Black

Bath Spartans vWatchet AC Red

There is 2 proposed knock up matches

13th June Combwich main lake.

11 July Combwich match lake.

That’s all folks Tight lines.

The Sedges 05/10/2019

Hi and welcome to my first blog post on rod and line a report on the Watchet match that was fished on 05/10/2019 at The Sedges , Now the format for the match report and for future match reports was basically like the same set up you see on other blogs. Pictures of victorious anglers with their catches and of the gladiatorial match itself. Well as luck do have it, it wasn’t to be. This new website in some senses has taken on similar characteristics of BBC 2 Now what may you ask does this fishing blog has to do with BBC 2 I hear you all scream, well fishing brethren look at the video below.

A technical fault on both our opening shows, Watch the first part of this you tube video up to 0.48 unless you like playschool.

old mobile phone from the 1980s
Could not understand why I needed an upgrade?

I had a phone call on my mobile by EE and was told that I really did need an up grade. So completely convinced Off I trundled to the EE shop to be told that the new mobile phone that I was was going get was the envy of the technological world, apparently it encapsulated the latest the latest technology from the combined technical might of NASA and Microsoft. Yea right.

So when I started to use the camera on the phone to take the usual sort of pictures that adorn other fishing blogs, everything seemed to be going to plan. I took photos of scenes of gladiatorial anglers in the car park, Photos of brick lake, victorious anglers oh and of course the picture of the results sheet. So far so good. Hmm.

Well When I to down load the lively pictures of the Watchet match my mobile phone with it’s latest electronic gubbins developed what seemed like a crafty sense of humour, with all my efforts I simply could not transfer pictures from my phone to my computer Well thanks then. Hence next time I am taking a digital camera.

Well as the saying goes the show must go on.

The weather for the match was heavy cloud with the odd snippet of sunshine. A slight to moderate breeze was blowing from the carpark end towards the canal lake. But to start of with its was calm for the first hour. The Winner was new kid on the block Ian Townsend who amassed top weight of a 108lb 14oz Ian had peg 11 and had most of his fish was caught to his right against the reeds on double corn.

2nd was Eric Searle with a weight of 102lb 14oz Eric according to many of the anglers present Eric was on the feeder what bait he was using was a mystery.

Eric I truly believe used to work either at Bletchley park with Alan Turing or military intelligence. Let me explain, when you ask him how he caught his fish he replies with code words. For example sweetcorn might mean maggot or worm might mean paste, The pole might mean waggler rod, or double caster might be the code word for banded pellet. Only Eric knows what code words means what.

Paul Smith made third place with a creditable weight of 65lb 4oz this included top silvers weight of 22lb 5oz Paul had the majority of his fish on the pole at varying distances on worm. A point of note with Paul who was pegged next to me (he on 9 and yours truly on peg 8) hooked one of the largest bream me and him have seen for a long time. You know the scene hook a decent bream on the pole and it jumps out of the water like a marlin. Unfortunately for Paul this creature of the deep slipped the hook.

The guy who was in number 4 position was our very own match secretary Alan Bland. Alan was on peg 14 had a total weight of 52lb 9oz Alan had 5 carp which he caught 4 of them on his beloved paste at a distance of 8 metres straight out he had 2 in the first hour and 2 in the last He did have one from the edge.

Now in 5th place was a certain Pete Curnow (me) I was just pipped by Mr Bland with a weight of 51lb 5oz The first hour on was on the tip and switching baits and on the hour whilst using worm my first wrap around a carp that had to be weighed. This beast tipped the scales at 14lb 9oz. But bites where at a premium and with about 2and ½ hours to go I opted to fish meat in the margins and for me it was a get out of jail card as I had another 5 carp.

Lying in the number 6 position was the ever improving Alan Jenkins with a weight of 38lb 4oz Alan had one of the corner swims, in his case peg1, Alan fished the tip to the reeds and caught mostly on pellet.

Dave Gartenfeld in 7th and next to me had 36lb 4 oz. Dave had a carp of 13lb 6oz which was caught on the pole at 12 metres. He also took most of his fish in the margins, the main bait being corn.

Next in the ranking was the veteran Tony Richards Mr Bee man himself his final weight was 24lb 10oz caught mostly on maggot. 19lb 2oz of carp and 5lb 8oz of small slivers.

In 9th place was none other than the man himself the one and only Dave Nash who was on the golden peg ( the rule of the club is that you can win the golden peg obviously on the top weight over all or you can win it if you have the top slivers net) Well Dave is one of the top slivers angler in the club and it looked pay day for but alas with all his skill could only muster 15lb 14oz of slivers

which beaten by Pauls Smiths slivers haul of 22lb 5oz Dave had the corner peg number 10 and unfortunately for Dave owing to the wind direction, the modest amount of green algae that was present decided to make a B line for Dave swim so much so poor Dave could not at times get his float to settle in the scummy water. Ha Ha Ha.

Last in the results table but no means least was none other than Mr Bob Pascoe a devoted slivers man but often plagued by carp to his utter annoyance. Mr Pascoe was fishing of peg 6 and had a total weight of 19lb 2oz.

Pos Name Peg Slivers Carp Total
1st Ian Townsend 9 nil 108-14 108-14
2nd Eric searle 12 nil 102-14 102-14
3rd Paul Smith 9 22-05 42-15 65-04
4th Alan Bland 14 9-08 43-01 52-09
5th Pete Curnow 8 0-14 51-01 51-15
6th Alan Jenkins 1 1-04 37-00 38-04
7th Dave Gartenfeld 7 2-00 34-14 36-14
8th Tony Richards 4 5-08 19-02 24-10
9th Dave Nash 10 GP 15-14 6-14 22-12
10th Bob Pascoe 6 10-07 8-11 19-02