Match Fished at Summerhayes on 3rd April 2021

On January 4th 2021 another lock down was announced. So where match fishing was concerned, the bugle was sounded, the last post was played, the flag lowered, the draw bridge was pulled up and our beloved sport once again went in to stasis. For 3 months it was pleasure fishing only which is definitely better than the first lock down. But us band of brothers who have been embedded with the love of angling and a competitive spirit had just had to grin and bear it. Come April 3rd and the superlatives struggles to get the measure of the of the moment, the atmosphere of banter and expectation that flowed through the car park at Summerhayes fisheries. For this was Watchet Angling’s first match after lockdown, the gang was back. We were momentary united in the knowledge that once again for the foreseeable future that match fishing was back and that we can once again indulge and cherish. So at 10 o’clock the whistle was blown and a mixture of the pious and the ungodly, the haves and the have nots and the gifted and not so gifted took up the challenge once more. A new chapter has now started and the stage has been set, the gauntlet have been thrown down once more, let the rivalry begin.

Just look at this lot, if you were to grab each one by their ankles turn them up side down, and give them a good shaking not even a total of £5 would roll out.
Dave Gartenfeld and Alan Jenkins. The smiles says it all, It’s great to be back.
Alan the match secretary on the left and newbie Nigel Coram on the right.
NHS hero, Dave Colley who came 3rd. He looks like me after I’ve read my bank statement.
Nice to see you again Phil Dodd.
This is Shaun Dyke, another new kid on the block, Welcome mate.

First on the day, was Rob Dodd who was on peg 15, Rob caught the bulk of his weight of fish at 16 meters to the island using maggot. This was a bit of an effort owing to the fact that the wind which strong at times was in his face. But undeterred he persevered throughout to bag the winning catch of 61 lb 08 oz.

With fag in gob, is the eventual winner Rob Dodd, to his left is newbie Shaun.

2nd place was Ian Townsend who on peg 23 fished the pole to his left margin for an all Carp haul of 46 lb 15 oz The bait employed was meat and corn.

Ian on the right who got 2nd place discussing tactics with Paul Smith who came 7th.

With a weight of 44 lb 13 oz was 3rd place Dave Colley our NHS hero. Dave used a pellet feeder to the island and his main bait was sweetcorn. Peg 8 which was golden peg was his home for the match.

Mr Eric Searle who was on peg 11 kept things simple by fishing to his left at a meters length to tempt 35 lb 05 oz all on maggot. He achieved 4 th spot.

In 5th place was Dave Nash who was on unfancied peg number 2. He did really well to eek out 15 lb 04 oz of silvers and 19 lb lb 12 oz of Carp, Fishing 4 meters out on the pole with single and double red maggot got him a total weight of 35 lb. Dave achieved the top slivers bag.

Top silvers bagger Mr Nash having a nice cuppa before the start.

6th place was taken by match secretary the one and only Alan Bland. Alan’s tactic was to fish down the edge to his left, and to employ meat as his bait. Alan drew peg 19. He put 29 lb 09 oz on the scales.

Paul Smith who in in 7th place fished on peg 22 employed maggot and pellet to the far side both on the deck and later on shallow. Also caught one on bomb and bread. His total for the match was 25 lb 14 oz.

On peg 13 unlucky for some, was Alan Jenkins, Alan fished mostly cage feeder with micros in the feeder and no ground bait and on the hook he used banded pellet. Alan bagged a reasonable catch of 25 lb 06 oz. Alan finished in 8th place.

Occupying 9th place was Phil Dodd, Phil made himself comfy on his chair and just used the method feeder with dead maggot as bait. His weight for the day was 22 lb 15 oz. This was achieved from peg 3.

In 10th place was new kid on the block Shaun Dyke who fished from peg 14. Shaun mostly fished to the island and as a consequence tempted a total weight of 20 lb. His main bait was meat.

Another new kid on the block is Nigel Coram. Nigel who happens to be a bailiff for Pawlett ponds took up 11 th spot with a total of 18 lb 07 oz. Nigel used both pole and feeder rod. His main bait on the day was maggot. Just a word of thanks mate for helping me with my number 4 and 5 sections of my pole when the bloody things got jammed.

Your truly was in 12th place from peg 16 with 16 lb 03oz with an all Carp catch, 5 in all. I did not have my first bite until 3 hours in. All my fish came from both margins on worm. 2 from my left side and 3 from my right.

Using the method feeder with banded 4 mill pellet right across to the island from peg 5 was the brummie Dave Gartenfeld. Dave ended up with a weight of 14 lb 13 oz and 13th place.

At number 14 spot was Bob Pascoe, owing to the fact that Bob has got a few personnel issues he didn’t turn up until 10 o’clock, so he was at a disadvantange right from the start. But Bob being Bob put a brave face on things and caught 2 Carp for 5lb 5 oz and 1 lb 10 oz of silvers for a total weight of 6 lb 15 oz. Bob’s peg was number 6.

The proof.
Railway pond Dunwear looking towards the bank on the railway side.

I was talking to one of the bailiffs at Dunwear ponds today Monday 5th and there appears to be interesting developments happening at the venue. The Railway pond has had extensive work done to it in terms of the banks. The plan is to let the swims on the public foot path side to over grow and give them back to nature. The main area for fishing in railway pond will be the far bank ie the railway bank and up the sides. Later this week apparently people will be coming to visit Railway pond to measure it up for pallets. There is also rumours afoot as well and I stress rumours in the strongest possible terms that there is a possibility of spaces being made just inside the gate at the Sedgemoor road end for car parking. Now like I said it is only rumours.

The next match for the Watchet club will be this coming Saturday April 10th at Trinity Woodlands.

So until then take care.

Pete C.

Match Fished at Summerhayes Fisheries on Saturday 24th October 2020.

Located at 46°53′19″S 37°44′08″E lies the Prince Edward islands and for people who can’t do the calculations in their heads it a place that is situated in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. The Prince Edward islands consists of 2 islands, the main island and the largest is Marion island and the other is the aptly named Prince Edward island. These islands are administered by the government of South Africa. The islands have no permanent population. The only persons present are those at a research station.

These remote islands are home to 14 species of Petrel, 5 species of Albatross and 4 species of Penguins. The seas around the islands teem with the Patagonian Toothfish. Now there is a connection between the Match fished by Watchet angling club at Summerhayes on Saturday October 24th 2020 and these Islands. No there are no Penguins, Petrels or Albatrosses at Summerhayes or indeed Pete has not stocked his ponds with Patagonian Toothfish. Oh no but there is a connection and that connection is the bloody weather. These Islands on average receive rain 28 days per a month and having only roughly 800 hours of sunshine a year it is reputed to be the cloudiest place on the planet, and being in the path of the Roaring Forties is deemed to be the windiest location on earth.

A Patagonian Toothfish

This was the type of conditions that meet the angling warriors of the Watchet mob last saturday.

Pete had to put the light on in his hut to clear out the darkness. This said it all, clouds of battleship grey and darkest blue which laden the sky from horizon to horizon put paid to any sunlight. It was dim, grim and and unpleasantly cold. It was blustery and squally this was weather with attitude and spite. We anglers were buffeted, battered and bashed. But like the defenders at Rokes Drift we withstood and resisted we dug in and endured. The show went on regardless and all carried on to the bitter end.

Bites were at a premium and although weights weren’t catastrophic many an angler present has had better days.

The results

Well what a turn around in fortune for one Mr Ian Townsend, this gentleman if you remember packed up early in the last match owing to the fact he did not have a single bite. Hence being the recipient of  Abingdon Town FC award (see post Watchet Angling Club Winter League Match 5 11/01/2020) but boy what a come back. He certainly made amends this time with a very good performance by being top dog. From corner peg 8 Ian amassed a total of an all carp weight of 59 lb 13 oz. This was achieved with pole and corn.

The Winner.

2nd place was none other than Mr consistent Rob Dodd from car park peg 37. Poor Rob had the strong wind in his face, but that did not deter this maestro who managed to catch 36 lb 12 oz. Rob fished both margins and to the island with pole and maggot.

The runner up.

The NHS hero was 3rd, the one and only Dave Colley who made the long journey from Bristol. Dave who took my pound of of me (little beggar) fished peg 10 and put on the scales 20 lb 12 oz. This feat was achieved with feeder on the far side and maggot as bait.

Our NHS hero who got 3rd.

4th spot went to Eric Searle who managed 20 lb 08 oz. From roadside peg 28 Eric teased his fish with feeder and pellet.

5th went to slivers bagger Dave Nash who struggled on peg 32 in the first half with the pole. But improved things by switching to straight lead on the far side with maggot as bait. His total weight for the day was 20 lb 06 oz.

6th position was Mr architect Paul Smith. Paul had drawn peg 17 on the opposite side from the road . Like all anglers in his vicinity he struggled with the strong wind. But never or less put 16 lb 13 oz on the scales. Paul fished at 10 meters and down the edge with maggot.

Occuppying 7th spot was match secrectary Alan Bland. His home for the match was peg 30 on the road side. Mr bland managed to eek out 12 lb 10 oz all on pole and maggot.

8th was Bob Pascoe with sound mind and accumen on peg 12 acquired 11 lb 15 oz using pole and pinkie. Me and Bob had a walk around the lake before the start of the match and at the same time was having a good old chin wag “you know I was suprised that I had done better than I thouhght in the last Match ” spoke Bob ” well there you go Bob” I replied ” I was also suprised that you weren’t last” Bob responded. Thanks Bob.

Yours truly was 9th I scrapped together from peg 34 a weight of 11 lb 13 oz Although I did have some fish on expander at 10 meters. Most of my weight was caught from the margin to my left on white maggot.

Phil Dodd who fished in appalling conditions from peg 14 owing to the fact that he had the strong blustery wind and squally rain in his face, spent the entire match on the feeder for a result of 8 lb 11 oz. His bait was dead maggot. Phil finished 10th.

Next at 11th in the weights was my next door neighbour for the match Alan Jenkins AKA matrix man. Alan on peg 36 struggled through out and not having many bites did not seem to bother him because it was a good excuse to have a fag. Saying that Alan put 8 lb 02 oz on the scales his method was mainly pole with maggot and pinkie.

At 12th place and todays wooden spoonist was Dave Gartenfeld. Mr G did not have the best of pegs being on number 19. He put on the scales 2 lb 02 oz. His tactic was worm and maggot down the edge.

1stIan TownsendXXXX59 lb 13 oz59 lb 13 oz8
2ndRob Dodd5lb 12 oz31 lb36 lb 12 oz37
3rdDave Colley2 lb 14 oz17 lb 14 oz20 lb 12 oz10
4thEric Searle1 lb 07 oz19 lb 01 oz20 lb 08 oz28
5thDave Nash11 lb 04 oz9 lb 02 oz20 lb 06 oz32
7thPaul Smith5 lb 06 oz11 lb 07 oz16 lb 13 oz17
8thAlan Bland1 lb 01 oz11 lb 09 oz12 lb 10 oz30
9thBob Pascoe2 lb 06 oz9 lb 09 oz11 lb 15 oz12
10thPete Curnow3 lb 12 oz8 lb 01 oz11 lb 13 oz34
11thPhil Dodd1 lb 13 oz6 lb 14 oz8 lb 11 oz14
12 thAlan Jenkins02 oz8 lb8 lb 02 oz36
13thDave Gartenfeld2 lb 02 ozXXXX2 lb 02 oz19

This was the last Watchet club league match for 2020 and the fixtures begin again next year on March the 27th at once again Summerhayes on Sellicks. But in the meantime some of the die hards within the club will be fishing a series of one of matches throughout the winter break.

The fixture for this series of matches are listed below.

You will note that one of the fixtures is on the river Cripps at a place called middle bridge. Point of note for this venue is that it was once on the books of Bridgwater Angling Association but alas is no more. Hence it is free water, but bare in mind that a farmer either rents or own the land and hearsay says he can be a bit choosey whether he wants anglers on the banks or not. So be prepared for a change of venue. There is a map for people unfamiliar of the whereabouts of the proposed venue below.

Just to say that this blog is now one year old.

Well in true Bugs Bunny fashion just to say that’s all folks.

Pete C.

Watchet Angling Winter League match no 7 08-02-2020

When the draw is at 9 am and you decide to raise from your nice warm bed at 7: 30 you can see that an atmosphere of lets get it over and done with has crept in to one’s thinking. Now when I travel to Summerhayes I go by the way of Marsh lane then under the arch of the railway bridge then up the track which runs parallel to the river Parrett. Well as I went up this track as far as the entrance to the fishery and turned right so as the scene of the fine view of Summerhayes emerged, something odd struck me. Um I thought something strange something amiss something very odd indeed. As I drove up to the car park I was completely surrounded by total absence, an absence of parked cars and people Total desolation greeted me. Now thoughts started to enter my head I’ve got the wrong venue or the wrong Saturday. Now if some one had taken a photo of me as I got out of my car to investigate and turned it in to a cartoon image. There would be a think bubble protruding from my head, and in that bubble would be an image. An image of my nice warm bed. Well my excuse for going back to bed was short lived because within 2 minutes Alan Bland arrived then followed by a few others. Well all in all it was a good turn out 11 anglers in total.

Pete loves his dump truck.

Now before the start of match on Sellicks the thankless task of deciding which pegs to put in and obviously which ones to leave out was in progress. It was then agreed that Alan Jenkins who poor chap suffers badly from his knees should have a peg with a short walk so pegs 1 and 23 where put in. Well as soon as it was agreed that 23 should be used. Enter Pete the owner in to the hut where the draw was being sorted. “I pity any one who has 23” “why” came the reply. Pete then duly explained that he with dump truck and chain saw will be making a bit of a racket in the immediate vicinity. He babbled on about chopping up a tree for logs or something. Well 23 then was pulled. Thanks for the warning. But Mr Jenkins did achieve a short walk by having peg 6.

Now how do I describe this match not just the results and who caught what but in the atmosphere the essence of this contest. What was the feeling like to participate in this winter league tie.

Well folks I want you to imagine a scene from a typical western where the stereotype stranger rides in to town. He is on horse back riding down the main street. As he passes the towns hotel there is always a few cowboys sat out side on the hotel veranda on rocking chairs feet up on the rail. These guys always have the appearance of waiting for something to happen. So the 8th of February 2020 you had 11 angler from Watchet Angling club sat around Sellicks lake with the exact same persona of cowboys described above. Changing baits, trying different depths and altering distances fished did not make much different. It was fish 7 to 10 meters out with maggot or pinkie on the bottom and wait for something to happen.

Just waiting for some thing to happen.

Well the results form this wild west type match if you prefer to call it that. Is as follows

Once again Paul Smith is in the money once again.

Top bagger was Paul Smith with a mix bag of silvers for 6lb 6oz Paul used maggot and pinkie and generally fished 9 and 10 meters out.

A smile from 2nd place Dave Gartenfeld.

2nd top weight was mister in form Dave Gartenfeld. Dave Struggled in the first half of the match but caught on and of through out the 2nd part. Dave had a few nice size skimmers the bait was maggot. His weight was 5lb 4oz

This was Alan Bland’s mixed bag.

Just pipped by 1 oz to get 3rd was match secretary Alan Bland with 5lb 3oz. He had in his own words 1 x crucian carp which was between ¾lb to a pound, 1 x small tench 4 x roach and 2 x skimmers.

4th was Eric Searle he put 4lb 5oz on the scales. Eric had a nice size crucian which topped nearly 2lb which he caught in the last half hour. He caught 4 fish in the first hour and then then nothing until the last ½ hour.

5th was slivers expert Dave Nash with a small mix bag for 3lb 10oz.

6th was Rob Dodd (this must be his worst result of the season) with 3lb 7oz Rob fished mostly 7 meters out on maggot. He did have a bonus fish a crucian of 1/2lb.

7th was yours truly (elated that I am not last. Yippee) I weighed in a massive 2lb 4oz. I had 2 nice skimmers and a few roach. I just got the fish feeding at 4 meters which is were I got my biggest skimmer and then the whistle went. Typical. Like all the anglers, come the last part of the match it was more or less impossible to fish the pole at any distance owing to the strong wind.

8th placed was angling veteran who is 82 years young Tony Richards, Tony amassed a weight of 1lb 12oz of small roach.

9th position was Dave Colley, Dave caught 1lb 4oz of bits, but he probably had his mind on starting his new job and moving house.

Mr Phil Dodd and Mr Alan Jenkins did not weigh in. One has to feel sorry for poor old Alan because he was in a lot of pain owing to the fact that he is waiting for a knee replacement and the poor fellow could hardly walk. All the best Al. Now rumour has it that Phil had a decent size carp which would of put in frame, but alas they didn’t count in this match.

Position Name weight Peg no
1st Paul Smith 6lb 6oz 17
2nd Dave Gartenfeld 5lb 4oz 19
3rd Alan Bland 5lb 3oz 15
4th Eric Searle 4lb 5oz 9
5th Dave Nash 3lb 10oz 11
6th Rob Dodd 3lb 7oz 5
7th Pete Curnow 2lb 4oz 21
8th Tony Richards 1lb 12oz 14
9th Dave Colley 1lb 4oz 13

Phil Dodd DNW 3

Alan Jenkins DNW 6

The next match will be at wide waters on the B and T Canal on the 22nd of Feb.

Until then have fun.

Summerhayes slivers Match Friday 13.12.2019

Ah the good old days.

Now do you remember playing football in the street after school or indeed during in school break times. The kick about where the goal posts would be coats or school bags laid on the ground or painted out on the wall. There was an element of getting together and having a laugh added to this mixture was the rough and tumble of competition, the get stuck in factor and of the course the will to win. The back bone of these kick abouts was of course it shear simplicity coupled with competitiveness, Now if there is such an equivalent in the match fishing world well I reckon it ‘s the silvers only match on a Friday at one of my favourite venues Summerhayes. These matches which are held every Friday through out the year and are run by the avuncular Jeff Sparkes. His enormous enthusiasm never wanes and with his jovial character and welcoming personality it always a pleasure fishing these and I will say these knock ups. The numbers that attend these matches varies greatly through out the year. In the summer as you can expect turn out is the highest but as winter emerges and dons it’s cloak of cold and darkness the numbers some what dwindle.

Today this jolly little knock up is being contest by 3 hardly souls Jeff obviously and veteran Bill Hopping one of most friendly and approachable anglers you are ever likely to meet. Oh and yours truly. It was decided owing to the fact that there are just 3 of us that that pegs 12, 13 and 14 on Sellicks lake should be used because it was out of the wind. Cold and bitter it was to. The draw was simplistic the peg numbers where written on bits of screwed up paper.

I feel sorry for dog number 4.

Now in the world of greyhound racing there is a terminology of the coffin box. This is the trap which is the least favourable. Apparently it’s trap 4. Well at the most simplified of draws Bill had 14 Jeff drew 12 and me had peg 13 slap bang in the middle, the fishing equivalent to trap 4 the coffin box. So I could be deemed to be fishing the coffin peg.

Anyhow saying that I started of okay, I was using pinkie on a size 20 hook and I had 3 small roach in the first hour while Jeff to my right was complaining that he hadn’t had a bite, Although Bill was catching steadily. But as fate would have it Jeff started catching while my swim was dying a death aptly put seeing I am fishing the coffin peg. I went down to a 22 hook but while the 2 guys either side of me stepped up a gear in to show boating mode my swim appeared to be devoid of fish. I must admit I not one to just sit there and hope. I did try different depths and shotting patterns but to no avail.

So came the weigh in and there was a slight problem we had no scales as Pete the owner who was shall we say is the guardian of the scales was no where to be seen. Well Jeff managed to obtain a set of scales and what seemed to be a collapsible builders bucket with handles from some kind carpers fishing the big 8 lake. Owing to the fact that the scales were shall we say rather basic it was not possible to zero the scales so the weight of the fish included the weight of the builders bucket. Oh and the scales only showed kilograms.

Position Name Weight Peg
1st Bill Hopping 6 kilo 14
2nd Jeff Sparkes 4 kilo 12
Last Me ½ lb estimated Coffin peg 13
Bill Hopping with a winners smile.

Jeff Sparkes fish which earned him 2nd.

The bait that was used by shall we say the top 2 anglers was 2mm expanders and there was me thinking pinkie would be the answer. Bill told me he used 2 pellets on a size 16 hook.

We did in the end locate Pete the guardian of the scales playing on his dump truck.

Well last again Um a certain pattern seems to be emerging.

But never mind there is always next time.

Summerhayes 19/10/2019

Tonys’s cake

Before battle commenced fishing veteran Tony Richards treated all competitors to a nice piece of chocolate and cream cake, This was in celebration of the angling stalwarts birthday, now owing to the fact that each and every member of the Watchet angling club are complete and utter gentlemen no one asked Tony’s age. Or is just the case that we had all forgot to ask. Thanks for the cake mate, from everyone.

The weather was slightly chilly with more cloud than sunshine with the odd incursion of a shower. There was an intermittent breeze blowing from the motorway towards the car park at the hut end. This was also a pairs match.

The Winning Weight

First on the day was none other than the top angler of the club Rob Dodd who drew out peg 36 had a good weight of 94lb 03oz. Top rod used his beloved pole, honestly I can never ever remember him using a rod. Rob fished varying distances using maggot and sweet corn also dead red maggot. Little so and so also had the golden peg.

Eric who got 2nd place.

In second place was my pairs partner Eric Searle another top angler within the club a really good carp fisherman. Me and Eric drew out pegs 17 and 34. We decided that Eric should have the latter peg. Eric predominately uses the feeder in which he is master. Now when asked what bait he had used he replied coco nut, a bounty ( look at the last blog post and you see Eric when it comes to bait he uses code words). Some members were about drag him off into the log cabin tie him to the table and subject him to extreme torture. But Eric came clean, he used hard pellet. He had also fished the pole in the margins where he did lose a lot of foul hooked fish. Erics total weight was a very reasonable 72lb 10oz,

Phil Dodd who was 3rd with 62lb 05oz

In 3rd place was Phil Dodd, this guy likes to keep things simple and just used the method feeder with hard pellet fishing the far bank from peg 13 his creditable haul came to 65lb 05oz,

All rounder Paul Smith with a catch that earned him 4th place.

At number 4 was good all rounder Paul Smith. Using the pole through out and starting of with maggot and ending the day with worm amassed a reasonable catch of 50lb 03oz. Paul had most of his fish in the middle but did have one carp in the edge and another across the far side. Mr Smith was on peg 10.

5th place Alan Bland on peg 15 had a weight of 30lb 04oz. From the off Alan fished the margins but struggled for bites. Using mostly corn did land some nice size carp, he had the quality but lacked the quantity.

Dave G after he was asked if he wanted his photo put on the website.

Placed in 6th was brum supporter Dave Gatenfeld. Dave who occupied peg 8 fished the far bank in to the v shaped bay with the method using pellet. His total catch came to 26lb 02oz.

Yours truly was 7th on peg 17 now to say bites was scarce was an under statement Aland Bland who was next to me had smoked more fags during the match than I had bites. I managed to put in the net 6 carp for a tolerable weight of 24.02oz. I must admit my aim in matches is not to come last.

I just pipped ex paratrooper Bob Pascoe on peg 30 the silvers guru took a weight of 23lb 13oz included in that was the top weight of slivers 14lb 09oz, Bob told me before driving of home he mostly used pinkie.

Mr Colley in fine spirits.

Dave Colley was next with 20lb 09oz he was slightly disappointed but never or less was in good spirits as you can see from the photo with his only silver. Dave C fished peg 11, next time he is determined to kick ass.

Next at 10 was Bobs arch rival in the silvers world the one and only Dave Nash peg 28. His total was 13oz less than Bobs. Dave catch was thus 22lb. He had 2nd top weight in the silvers of 6lb 05oz. His bait was caster and red maggot. I know I had to buy them for him

Number 11 was birthday boy himself Tony Richards. His weight was made up of 5lb 01oz of slivers and 8lb of carp. For a total of 13 lb 01oz. Tony so called under performed because he was full of chocolate and cream cake allegedly. Peg 32 was Tony’s peg.

In the wooden spoon spot was angling veteran fishing on peg 37 Alan Jenkins, he found it tough and could only put in the net a total of 3 lb. But Alan does leave a legacy in this match by giving out a very good tip. Its this, when wanting to get water from a lake whilst fishing on a pallet use a sponge in you landing net. Great tip Alan thanks.

This was the last match in the summer and autumn series until next March. Next week is the start of the Watchet winter league kicking of at Parchay on the KSD Saturday the 26th oct

Name silvers
carp total peg
Rob Dodd 1lb 07oz 92lb 12oz 94lb 03oz 36
Eric Searle
72lb 10oz 72lb 10oz 34
Phil Dodd
62lb 05oz 62lb 05oz 13
Paul Smith 4lb 07oz 45lb 12oz 50lb 03oz 10
Alan Bland 1lb 06oz 29lb 08oz 30lb 14oz 15
Dave Gartenfeld
26lb 07oz 26lb 07oz 8
Pete Curnow
24lb 02oz 24lb 02oz 17
Bob Pascoe 14lb 09oz 9lb 04oz 23lb 13oz 30
Dave Colley 0lb 5oz 20lb 05oz 20lb 09oz 11
Dave Nash 6lb 50z 15lb 11oz 22lb 28
Tony Richards 5lb 01oz 8lb 13lb 01oz 32
Alan Jenkins 2lb 04oz 12oz 3lb 37

Until next time have fun.