Good Silvers bagging at Plantation and Angling around the Bridgwater Area in 1970.

The angling equivalent to the russian Wagner group, Watchet angling club fished their winter league match at Plantation lakes on Saturday November 26th which was an all silvers affair. This is the venue that a lot of Watchet angling members have been singing their praises about. Well from driving of of Middle Lane in to the car park a scene that greeted me was that of mud and pot holes bordering on craters filled with water. It remined me of what an assembly point from world war one must have looked like before the troops were frog marched of to the trenches. But one endured. It was nice to see the fishing colleagues once again and enmesh oneself in to the giving and taking of abuse.

The walk around the main pond gave the impression this was far from being a commerical venue. This brought back memories of the days long gone where like Plantation, fishing of of pallets was as rare as hens teeth. This place has a tad of where nature is given a free hand. Trees abound the pond aplenty and athough thwarted by winter you can tell that bankside vegetation has it say in warmer times. The main lake at plantation for me is home for home.

The match it self even in the dank dreary dab battlehip grey weather was for me a pleasure to fish. The pond is crammed with silvers of an enjoyable size and are agreeable to catch. The winner was the one to watch Ian Ricketts. Ian who in many club members eyes is one of the ablest silvers anglers had a hefty weight for the time of year of 17 lb 14 oz. This was 2oz better than 2nd place Rob Dodd who had (work it out) 17 lb 12oz. Rob who owing to the configuration of the lake was pegged to my left but in some senses behind me, said before the match that he didn’t fancy his swim. But with some nice size skimmers to his credit at the weigh in it seems his concerns were unfounded. Paul Smith who is one of the main instigators of flying the flag for this venue had third spot with 15lb 8oz. In fourth was our much cherished Spielsekret√§rin fuhrer Alan Bland with a weight of 14lb 14 oz. If it wasn’t for the fact this was a silvers only competition he would have doubled his weight for during the match and out of character of the gist of things landed a right lump of a Carp of a guestimate of 15 lbs.

I don’t want to waste time here and just pour out the same old dialogue because that would just be an act of trying to bore people. The main plan of attack for all paticipants was to use mosty maggot and or pinkie with the pole. Some did have spells on the waggler and there were a few who tried chopped worm and caster. But to re iterate the mainstay was maggot and pole. Here’s the table.

In conclusion the weights that was achieved was quite noteworthy and the praise that was heaped on this venue before hand was well justified. Remember these weights came in the middle of winter when most still waters go into semi habination mode This is a place that should be on every silvers angler radar fullstop.


I spent most of the year of 1970 aged six. For me life then for yours truly consisted of short trousers lady bird books, crayons, plastic mechano and being madly in love with Valerie Singleton. But my main thought though was that this school lark is a load of old b**locks whats the point of being taught to reed and right, I rather be out playing in the garden. 1970 although it was more than fifty years ago it still can be deemed part of the modern era. Man had gone to the moon (oh by the way “Huston we have a problem” happened in 1970). From a certain angle one can say that 1970 was the turning point where the black and white of yester year went in to colour.

From a angling viewpoint it was a world of fibre glass rods, swingtips, wicker baskets and match weights devoid of carp. Carbon fibre was yet to come like wise the method feeder as well as as hair rigs. pole fishing in this country in this year was virtually non exsistent. Today looking back the tackle employed might seem rather primitive and antiquated. Every thing was done with rod and line but it was how these things were fine tuned that separated the men from the boys. Bridgwater Anglimg Association in those days had quite a healthy match fishing scene and match reports were printed on a regular basis in the sports section of the Bridgwater Mercury. So as something of a small tribute to those angling past masters I thought why not print these angling snippets from the Mercury here for all you lovely people to see.

Summerhayes Sellicks 13/11/2022

Sunday the 13th November was a spare day for me so I decided to fish the open match at Summerhayes on Sellicks lake. There I met a charming happy go lucky sort of chap one Jamie Rich. As many of you might know Jamie is the guy behind that most popular of fishing blogs called Against men and Fish. So if you people want to see a proper fishing blog click here.

You may want to know how I got on in the match well read Jamies blog or have a a ganders below. (not very well is the answer).

Jamie and yours truly.

The next match for the Watchet club is on the B & T canal at the bottle neck at Huntworth, the date December 10th.

Until then tight lines

Pete C.