Missed Match Five.

A message from Alan Bland  

As you know owing to the current situation with the on going pandemic many things are up in the air concerning when we can get back to match fishing. The emphasis is on the word when. When determines what will happen to our match calendar. If and I stress if we can’t get back to match fishing until March next year then there would be a continuation of the 2019/2020 season. But if match fishing is allowed to start sooner then we will play it by ear, with respect to  the remaining  fixtures and how the results table would be formatted.. Alan has heard from the captain from Exeter who are Watchet Black team opponents and the venue if match fishing is allowed has been confirmed as the carp lake at Kia Ora lakes Knowle Lane Cullompton. Although Alan is concerned about the longish walk to the lake from the car park  If any concerns contact Alan. . It is however the opinion of Alan that it is unlikely that the  bait tech cup (formerly the Van Den Eynde cup) will go ahead due to covid 19.

Probably The Worst Fishery In Somerset

There is a phenomenon that can’t be explained but when some thing is bad, in rare cases it kind of passes a threshold and starts having a cult status. I became aware of this occurrence when one Saturday night way back in the late 8o’s I came home from a night out and slightly worse for wear slumped in the chair switched on the telly and on channel 4 was an introduction to a series of films that had acquired a certain cult status owing to the fact that they are indeed extremely bad. This particular night the viewing public of channel were treated to a film which had achieved by many critics the accolade of the worst film ever made. The film in question is a British made film with the tittle of Fire Maidens Of Outer Space. Go on have a look.

Go on have a laugh

Now when certain things in angling become bad or are bad they never seem to have the characteristics where they can achieve cult status. Now I have hand on heart found some thing in angling that is bad and will definitely never ever achieve cult status. I came across this while visiting the Langport Angling Association website, Now under the section Somerset Levels Angling Club (SLAC). There is an explanation about Langport AA being members of the above said SLAC formely known as the Wessex Federation of Anglers which in turn means that anglers belonging to Lanport AA can fish these waters. As it happens Bridgwater AA and Glaston Manor AA are also members. Any how there are few maps on the Langport AA website which shows where the SLAC waters are .

Now I was intrigue by one map here it is.

This shows that members have the fishing rights on the River Brue between the town bridge in Highbridge and the outfall (sluice gate). Well looking at this stretch on the map it looked ideal. Close to home, not difficult to get to, a road parallel to the bank meant a possibility of easy parking. Yea really looks great on paper. So off I went to see this jewel in the fishing crown. This so called utopian water.

The view looking towards the sluice gate, Cycle road is on the right.

So there I was in Highbridge standing on the bridge over the river looking towards the sluice gate/ outfall.As places to fish goes, this was bad, this was terrible. This was the ultimate dilapidation. A venue (if one could call it that ) in a absolute no holds barred state of decay. Hedges, brambles, shrubs and trees took precedence over open space. This was a place where undergrowth and jungle ruled the roost. A dishevelled non entity of a fishery. Places on the bank that had not been invaded by the local flora ie an open space was meet by two big negatives, one, was to get to the water level was a sheer drop of at least 15 foot and two over hanging trees made casting impossible. All in all as I walk along the road parallel to the river (Clyce road) and up to the Sluice gate I came to the concrete and absolute conclusion that there was no where to fish on either bank. This a place where nature has firmly planted a imaginary sign and on it in big neon lights it simply says No Fishing.

But there is a couple questions here, Why is it on the license and do the angling clubs pay rental. One final thought this so called fishery will never reach a cult status as that crappy film as mention above.

It seems so long ago when we fished our last match. This was fished on March 7th on Tile lake at the Sedges. Before the way of life changed, when the world was a different place.. He is a reminder.

Finally here is the results from last years corresponding match. It was the last match of the 2018/2019 season.

1stDave Nash49lb 15oz
2ndShane Dutton43lb 07oz
3rdEric Searle42lb
4thPaul Smith37lb 11oz
5thPhil Dodd36lb 08oz
6thAlan Jenkins36lb 05oz
7thBob Pascoe26lb 13oz
8thRod Dodd22lb 15oz
9thDave Gartenfeld17lb 09oz
10thAlan Bland13lb 07oz
11thPete King9lb 05oz

Baz MorganDNW

Just to say we are living through a period that no one on this planet as ever experienced before. Life however seems to be creeping back to in some sense the world as we used to know. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And when we step out from the end of the tunnel in to the broad day light of normality. The good lord will once again be able to look down with a smile upon Watchet angling club fishing their matches. And then with a chuckle he will utter “Curnow you’ve got no bloody chance”.

Take care and tight lines. Pete C

Missed Match Number 4

At 7 o’clock on Sunday 10th May 2020 Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Boris to you and me announced and in a roundabout way and somewhat cryptically that people from Wednesday could go fishing. The Angling Trust and the Angling Times immediately stepped in on social media to try and clarify the matter and by Monday morning it was clear that without doubt we definitely we could. But like most things in life things aren’t that simple.

Trinity Waters

• Contactless payments where possible please( there will be a small charge for contactless payments ) if using cash please bring correct money

• please bring your own sanitizers and also toilet roll to help reduce the risk of anything spreading ..

• Anglers MUST stay on their own swim (no sitting or chatting between swim)

• Social distancing at all times

• NO Sharing of swims except from the same house hold

• NO sharing of fishing tackle or other items

• NO keepnets

• NO competition fishing

• NO guests unless they are fishing and from the same house hold (maximum of 2 people per swim)

• Please message or ring before coming or choosing a swim as we have a very high demand of bookings coming in at the moment

• Travel separately unless from the same household

• Gates open at 6:30 am please DO NOT arrive before then

• Gates shut 21:30pm

• Hot food is now unavailable on site so either bring your own or takeaways are delivering but please order before gates close

• Anyone displaying symptoms or shares a house with anyone displaying symptoms please DO NOT come fishing, please stay at home and follow the government advice on isolation

The Sedges

We will be open for pleasure fishing from this Wednesday 13th May. Some restrictions will apply.


As you may be aware, it’s been confirmed that fisheries are now allowed to reopen this Wednesday, 13th May. What fantastic news!

However we have set out some restrictions following the guidelines of The Angling Trust that you will need to follow when you come fishing, anyone found not following these will be asked to leave. The restrictions are:

-Fishing must be booked in advance by calling Pete on 07866 557896, anyone who turns up without booking could be turned away

-All anglers to fish at least 15m apart, there will be cones on swims that are not to be used

-No more than one angler on the same swim, unless from the same household

-No guests allowed unless from the same household to the angler fishing

-No walking around the fishery and interacting with other anglers

-No sharing of any equipment

-No one to enter the fishery hut, any purchases made will be brought to you at the door

-No keep nets

-Bring the exact cash where possible as we don’t have card reading facilities yet.

-Leave a 2m gap between cars when parking, where possible

-No matches

-Wash hands thoroughly after using our toilet facilities

-Be responsible and do not come to the fishery if you have any symptoms of COVID-19

We hope you understand the importance of these restrictions and thank you all in advance for your cooperation. We need to work together if we want this to last.

Bridwater Angkling

Message to all B.A.A member

The B.A.A committee appreciates that you have all eagerly even awaiting a return to angling with this in mind the committee have made the following decisions to enable a safe return to fishing. All lakes will remain closed due to the following reasons, dunwear has blue/green algae and upon advice it needs to be monitored so remains closed. Combwich is closed as the fish have started spawning, like we did last season the intention was to always close the lake for 3 weeks to allow the fish to spawn safely which is why it also remains closed. The canal will be open from this Wednesday 13th May. All rivers are closed as per ea rules on the closed season. The committee hope to be able to open Combwich on June 1st but this could obviously be changed to a later date if we feel it unsafe for the anglers and bailiffs and the government decided to tighten our lockdown measures. As we are all aware this isn’t an easy time but we need to think about the everyone’s safety. Can I please remind you that you must follow the current government guidelines especially around social distancing, and we recommend using gloves and sanatizer especially when opening gates and padlocks.

Many thanks


Landsend Fisheries

Hi all

Lands End fishery will not be open

untill Monday 18th. I will be putting

New rules on Facebook over the weekend so all stay safe and take

care mike.

Well after all that your going to need some tips from Donk.

Saturday just gone the 9th of May we were supposed to fish Avalon but obviously we couldn’t

so here is the corresponding match from last year which was fished on the 4th of May 2019.

1stDave Colley89lb 14oz20
2ndRob Dodd73lb 9oz11
3rdEric Searle59lb 8oz9
4thAlan Bland46lb 3oz16
5thDave Nash32lb 1oz4
6thPhil Dodd25lb 11oz6
7thTony Richards24lb 14oz13
8thPete King22lb 3oz19
9thPaul Smith20lb 12oz3
10thBob Pascoe16lb 10oz12
11thPete Curnow11lb 2oz5
12thDave Gartenfeld10lb 1oz10
13thAlan Jenkins6lb 2oz17

Just one thing before I finish is that most EA rod licences expired on March 31st (I got mine yesterday)

which was in the middle of lock down so renewal may have slipped peoples minds. That all.

Tight Lines Pete C